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Digibyte (DGB) Payment Probable 3D Printed House Projects in 2020 Price Will then Rocket to Space

May 1, 2020 Off By Maheen Hernandez

DigitByte firmly believes in that a “truly” decentralized blockchain of the people, by the people, and for the people will never breach trust and stab over the back.  Jared opines that the universal law of mathematics vouches for it.

Vouching for a real-world use case in big transactions, we find a tweet on Jared’s page from Raul Vasquez A.S., which Tate opines is an awesome proposal.

Raul Vasquez A.S. tweeted:  “I have an AS in Architecture and working my BS, and I have a concept for new types of homes that will target the millennial generation. And yes, this will be a Blockchain Analytica asset and will take $BTC $DGB $XRP $XTZ for payment of these new homes.”

Jared is also impressed by “6 Amazing 3D Printed House Projects in 2020.”  Jared expressed how amazed he felt about what 3D printing technology can accomplish.  Tate expresses that he accepts the challenge to design and 3d print his modest dream homes in the country.  This he stated will be possible within five years for a fraction of Traditional Building Costs.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert, tweeted: “If 3D Printed House Projects from Jared Tate will become a reality in 2020 – and if people make payment for homes in DGB, then the price will rocket to space.”  

Digibyte (DBG) Defending 51% Attack.

In response to a cryptocurrency media outlet citing high probabilities of 51% attack on the Digibyte network and discrepancies in hash power, Jared Tate did clarify to the media about the DigiByte Protocol thing in this regard via a series of tweets. 

The main concept that Jared Tate takes in order to defend and establish that they are not vulnerable to a 51% attack were clarified by stating the following facts:

Tate had reportedly stated that the “Qubit and Skein algorithms” contribute to 40 percent of the mining pool during all times.  He clarified that when that at times when there is a drastic increase in hash power, the Digibyte’s protocol is set in a way to automatically adjust the difficulty in the other three algos like “SHA256, Scrypt, Odocrypt”. He thus clarified how DigiByte deals with the risk of enterprise miners from dominating the blockchain.  Tate also made it very clear that the DigiByte adjustment is very quick when compared to the Bitcoin and Litecoin.

Jared Tate, the crypto expert, tweeted:  “4/6 you would only be able to get 20% of DGB blocks, but it would make the other DGB algos decrease the diff resistance. It’s a dynamic adjustment that makes huge changes every block. This is unlike the slow, limited diff changes made in #Bitcoin & #Litecoin every 2016 blocks.”

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