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IOTA is a Part of Everything these Days Huge Progress Anticipated in Blockchain Space

May 5, 2020 Off By Steven Anderson

Great work is happening with the IOTA crew. It just looks like IOTA is a part of everything these days.  Huge progress is anticipated by the community in the forthcoming months.

This is glad news because IOTA is set to be a part of a comprehensive study in higher education.

Prof B Buchanan tweeted about:  “So pleased to announce that we will be creating a new Doctoral Training Centre in Trust (cryptography and 3rd generation blockchain – IOTA) with over 15 new Ph.D. studentships over the next few years. Watch this space for research building a more trusted and resilient future.”

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert, tweeted:  “For those who would like to know more about blockchain and future might feel better getting to know about Doctoral Training Centre in Trust on cryptography and 3rd generation blockchain – IOTA.”

IOTA is collaborating with Zebra Technology to make RFID and barcode scanners that are connected to Tangle for easy and trusted data exchange.

IOTA is very meticulous about their Future Proof topics.  In the next Future Proof Webinar, they are set to discuss about how a unified digital identity can enhance privacy and security in online interactions by adding a trusted layer.

Elaborate discussions will happen about how digital identities can empower citizens to transform the current business models.

Very soon, the blockchain space will get to know on why IOTA matters in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. IOTA is all set to create a worldwide community of developers who will be building smart mobility applications that will make use of open-source protocol and data market place to provide for a shared automated and sustainable mobility ecosystem with the highest possible level of safety and security with the Distributed Ledger Technology.

IOTA News on the Future of Mobility

IOTA News talks about Cars turning into digital platforms and therefore facilitating digital services, where the areas in and around the car become more important.  A frictionless transfer of value & assets is a prerequisite for this digital economy around machines & IOTA is the technology to build the tools for it. #DLT #mobility.

One of the commentators acknowledged that they are using IOTA to read and transfer measurement data from the borehole thermal storage sensors and the cloud computing platform.

And, the community is excited about an IOTA Wikipedia Page.  IOTA is expected to dominate the deliverables in areas of remittance, IoT, transport, banking, derivatives, storage, streaming, gambling, sports, and several other industries in the years to come.

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