DigiByte (DGB) Jared Tate and Andrew Knapp Authored Blockchain 2035 with 18 Chapters

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The DigiByte Community is growing day by day. Not willing to complicate things, many people agree that DigiByte is the real deal. Many of them are putting their BTC and are buying DGB.

Some common reasons that the DGB community cites for being bullish about Digibyte are that it is normie friendly and branding neutral.  Also, states there is no drama and infighting tied to its history.  Being super fast and corporate-friendly, Digibyte is perfect for online gaming and the gamification community.

Dao Maker recently completed its DigiByte Social Mining Week.  There were +300,000 impressions, +2,500 likes, and + 1050 retweets.

Dao Maker thanked the Digibyte community for helping them through the week.  DaoMaker assured that they would be improving the platform further.

DigiByte (DGB) Jared Tate and Andrew Knapp have authored Blockchain 2035.

The book on blockchain appreciates about how this will be a vital tool in how nation-states, corporations, and individuals will be competing with each other to ultimately exercising power in the brave new world.

Blockchain 2035 is hailed to be the first book of its kind, as the founder writes it of a battle-tested blockchain and former intelligence analyst. The technical and political impacts that this technology will eventually cast are explored in the book, further clarifying on how it will be pivotal in the broader world.

Of note, Andrew Knapp started VESTi, Inc., “a company focused on building new solutions that make housing affordable for everyday people. VESTi is utilizing the security, transparency, and efficiency blockchain technology brings to complex markets like Real Estate. He lives in Austin, TX.”

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted: “Imagine Digibyte (DGB) winning the housing affordable for everyday based project – they will rocket to moon and even pluto!”

DigiByte (DGB) Use Cases

Rudy Bouwman, Secretary and Vice Chairman of Digibyte Foundation, tweeted:  “Did you know that #DigiByte #blockchain is one of the technologies used by @v_id_blockchain? Check out their amazing roadmap! Great project by a great Dutch team with honest hard working guys! Moreover, they are one of the best sponsors of the DigiByte Foundation! $VIDT $DGB.”

The VIDT roadmap is hailed to be legendary.  The $VIDT Roadmap IBM Cloud integration of the VIDT API is the goal, which is the result of the IoE project. Thus, the V-ID’s data integrity tech can be integrated into any process which uses IBM Cloud Catalog.

DigiByte has outstanding technology, decentralization, low fees, speed, and scalability. However, above all, DigiByte has an awesome global community, growing exponentially!