Stellar Lumens (XLM) Well Know that Their Users want an Assurance like WYSIWYG

By Steven Anderson May 5, 2020 Off
stellar lumens april 2020 WYSIWYG

Stellar XLM recently announced their exclusive partnership with Elliptic whose investors are Wells Fargo, Santander, SBI group, and several other financial institutions around the world.

Stellar have published their Monthly Round up for April 2020 consisting of the Stellar Ecosystem News.  It is available for view on their website.

The upcoming events are:

  1. Intuitive Stellar Consensus Protocol – May 8, 2020.
  2. Jed McCaleb AMA at Consensus Distributed on May 11, 2020. 
  3. SDF at Consensus: Distributed.
  4. Justin Rice at Reimagine 2020 on May 18, 2020.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “It is a world and point in time where investors need to see it to believe it. Stellar XLM are taking all steps to improve trust to ensure their investors on WYSIWYG.”

Stellar Org this week updated that the SDF is an official sponsor of gitcoin.  An elaborate blog post on issuer enforced finality on Stellar.  Further XLM is made available on Ledger Live.  Massive news from Stellar for 2020 is expected soon.

Stellar retweeted a warning:  “There is no “official” Stellar Development Foundation @StellarOrg group on Telegram. SDF uses Keybase ONLY as team/community chat.” Also clarified that there is no Air Drop or Give Away.”

Stellar Lumens (XLM) Hiring for a Range of Positions

One of the exciting news is about Phillip Meng hired to lead #SDF’s efforts in driving liquidity and promoting overall health of the @StellarOrg #DEX. Further stating, he brings nearly 15 years at propriety trading firms, therefore, making markets and managing portfolios. A decent new addition to the Stellar Family to bring more success to XLM.

Stellar are continuing to hire for a range of other open positions.

XLM recently broke a significant resistance level and if the momentum is sustained this might well be the reason for the HODLers to rejoice.  They call this the “Kumo” Break.

The idea of getting access back to Stellar accounts after the private keys are lost is interesting.  The standard for a robust multi-signature implementation is making all this possible. No more will it be the case where users will lose control of their wallet private keys because of losing the keys.

By the current protocol, the user can preregister their account with a phone number and email with two or more servers which will be implementing the SEP (Stellar Ecosystem Protocol).  These servers will be included as the signers of the account.  Thus, no individual server will have control of the account.  However, they will be able to help the individuals recover their access to their accounts.