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Ethereum (ETH) 1/109 from Adam Cochran for the ETH is Money Panel May 07, 2020

May 6, 2020 Off By Steven Anderson

From a Twitter Retweet, we know that Camila Russo is heading to interview Vitalik Buterin on Thursday, May 07, 2020.

Vitalik.eth retweeted:  “Excited to interview @VitalikButerin at @EtherealSummit on Thursday 🙂 What do you want me to ask?”

Camila Russo, according to her twitter account, Chiefess at The Defiant. She is writing a book on Ethereum with @HarperCollins. Previously at Bloomberg @business in New York, Madrid, and Buenos Aires. Chilena.

In response to her tweet of what users would want her to ask, the comment boxes flooded with queries.

A common query sounded like:  “What is the status of the pre-sale tokens? How much does the EF control, and are their finances healthy? How can he consider this a “decentralized” system in a PoS world when > 70% of the Ether in existence was sold in the crowd sale? What fraction is held by founders now?”

There was a mind-blowing 1/109 through 31/109 replies from Adam S Cochran in reply to Camila Russo.

For convenience, users need to better scroll on to the Thread Reader App. 

Adam S Cochran expressed, “The 10k Audit. I manually audited the top 10,000 Ethereum addresses to learn about liquidity, profitability, market manipulation, and what Whales are doing with their money. This is the first of many reports to come from this data set.”

He speaks about the ETH in the top 10K addresses.  He also stated that they identified at least 6.2M ETH that is confirmed burned/lost, and another 3.8M ETH that is likely lost or burned.

It is no justice talking this any further, because users need to read through his replies to get the truly mind-blowing treasure trove of information.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert, tweeted:  “After the exhaustive brainstorming, we wait to see an information-rich interview from Camila Russo with Vitalik Buterin on Ethereum (ETH).”

Ethereum (ETH) Continues to be Money

The ETH is Money Panel May 07, 2020, with Cami Russo, Anthony Sassano, Ryan S Adams, Trustless State, and Econoar at 5:55PM EDT on May 07 to remind you all about why ETH is and continues to be money.

We hope to have him answer the questions on Matic Network. ETH 2.0 is set to be launched within a few months.  Improved scaling solutions and gas-free transactions are already there.  The network is popular than ever before.  The numbers of active wallets are also increasing. It is more than half a million.