DigiByte (DGB) Set to Beat the Short Term Hype to win by Fundamental intrinsic Value

By Steven Anderson May 8, 2020 Off
digibyte beat the short term hype

Jared Tate tweeted a Welcome note to newcomers to DGB and gave a small intro stating, DigiByte are a 6.5-year-old open source decentralized Blockchain & Community. He clarified that the users do not need anyone’s permission to use or build on the top of DGB.

Jared Tate also clarified stating, that DigiByte is not a token.  Also stated, DGB has been its own independent blockchain & protocol since day 1 on January 10th, 2014. There was never an ICO or fundraise. It’s a truly decentralized grassroots cryptocurrency with no central company controlling it.

AntumID the World Privacy ID and DigiByte Blockchain Authentication Services announced that, the release date for DigiZipper has been adjusted to the end of 2020. However, there will be a trial version a bit earlier. This they claim will be the world’s first secure archive file format powered by DigiByteCoin blockchain technology. Thus making it possible to secure ZIP files with AntumID!

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert, tweeted:  “Rudy Bouwman stated that there is no single entity responsible for the DigiByte project, not even the founder Jared Tate – True Say Projecting Decentralization.”

Per Bitfi Open Source wallet, investors and users are developing confidence in DigiByte.  Many are beginning to feel assured about the long term and fundamental intrinsic value, which will always beat the short-term hype.

On a lighter note, one of the commentators stated, we need to see if it has the pumpamentals necessary to make it happen.

DigiByte (DGB) Price Gone Crazy

Tim Copeland, UK News Editor at DeCrypt, stated that they spoke to Rudy Bouwman, DigiByte Foundation Vice-Chairman, to understand why the DigiByte Price has gone Stir Crazy.

The striking point is that the 930% growth and the rank among the top 30s has happened without the exposure afforded by crypto exchange:  Binance.

Rudy Bouwman clarified that all roads need not necessarily lead to Binance. 

He stated, “DigiByte is genuine. No ICO, no company, no manipulations, no bad intentions, no money-grabbing. All volunteers. DigiByte is for the community and by the community.”

He also stated that this growth was not supposed to be a surprise and opined that the growth was long overdue.

Yet another reason he stated was that they do not have any pre-mined coins to provide to exchanges and stated that DigiByte will never pay a listing fee or pay for market making.  He clarified that there are exchanges with requirements that they cannot meet and will never meet.

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