Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Upgrade May 15, 2020, Community Willing Crypto Micro Transactions Tokenization Made Possible

By Maheen Hernandez May 13, 2020 Off
Bitcoin Cash BCH Upgrade

The Bitcoin Cash (BCH) upgrade is scheduled for May 15, 2020.  This is the 6th such upgrade ever since it was launched. 

Recently, BitcoinCash protocol developers discussed May 15 $BCH upgrade preparations, IFP soft-fork activation status, future upgrade preparations, fractional satoshis, Avalanche & additional opcodes.

Bitcoin Cash tweeted:  “Avoid getting your node stuck on the 15th and upgrade your full node software today!”

Bitcoin cash AMA live stream is scheduled for May 14, 2020. 

One of the BCH community members (David Bond) tweeted:  “I talked my private driver here in the Philippines into accepting Bitcoin for all of my future rides.  Instead of dealing with exchange fees + ATM fees, I just send him Bitcoin Cash from my phone to his. Now he’s talking to me about crypto. How cool is that?”

Bitcoin Cash is continuing to make a lot of such good connections. Yet other members recollected how Bitcoin was previously used for microtransactions in 2011 and how it was possible to buy an online game for $0.43 using 11 BTC, pretty instantly. Community members feel that BCH carries the same features.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Progressing Towards Censorship-Resistant Economy

The specification and reference code for a new protocol on the Bitcoin Cash network is officially published.  The protocol is named “Signal, Watch, and Pay (SWaP) Protocol.”  This protocol is mainly used to enable the on-chain peer-to-peer negotiation and execution of collaborative transactions.

A peer commented on the code, stating; I did a side-by-side comparison of the spec and code. This is the greatest innovation I’ve seen since the creation of SLP tokens.

Bitcoin Cash Tutorials is a new tutorial website for BCH.  It provides with the how-to guide for BCH tools, SLP tokens, adoption, Meetup, etc. all in one place.

There was a recent marquee charitable project run in the BCH ecosystem.  They used donations to feed hungry places like South Sudan and Venezuela.

Propagation among the community about how Bitcoin Cash (BCH) works as real cash is happening on social media.  They have to state that Bitcoin is a store of digital value, but BCH as being the real cash.  Therefore, in the long-term, it is opined that BCH will outperform Bitcoin. Also, the community believes that all the great aspects of Bitcoin are there with BCH. Further stating, Bitcoin also has fast, cheap transactions. 

Also, BCH is now offering tokenization, and you can tokenize anything on BCH. It, therefore, makes it possible to create tokens and to pay dividends on Bitcoin cash. There can be shares on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain as a part of the dividends for all of the holders of the token.  The payment can be made using BCH.