IOTA Future Proof on The Way we Exchange Value is Already Changing Forever

By Maheen Hernandez May 14, 2020 Off
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IOTA is keeping the community engaged with Future Proof.  Currently, it is Dan Simerman about Understanding Digital Assets and the IOTA Token Economy. In the previous, Future proof it was about how do digital identities empower citizens and transform current business models.  It also covered for how IOTA is enabling a new layer of trust in online interactions with Jelle Millennar, their Digital Identity Expert.

IOTA tweeted:  “Digital assets open up vast new opportunities. Where are their limits? How can IOTA solve these issues? Join us today at 4 PM CET | 10 AM EST in our Future Proof webinar to discuss how digital assets promise to transform the way we exchange value online.”

IOTA recently advertised that they are looking for a talented Rust developer to join their Bee Team in Berlin or remote.

In one of the recent community projects, IOTA covered for how the internet should be considered a human right.  Clarification was provided about how someone can find a way with an outdoor WiFi hotspot when they go to a place where their phone does not provide internet.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert, tweeted:  “The IOTA Future Proof Webinars are doing the 360 degree thinking on behalf of the community.  They are tapping into the potential of the community time to improve community engagement – a rare opportunity.”

We are at a point in time where we are forced to understand new ways of doing business.  The Internet of things is crucial at this point in time.  The current and future challenges in business should be dealt with from the home office.  The opportunities facilitated in these areas by IoT will improve on their token economy.

IOTA The Way we Exchange Value is Already Changing Forever

Digital assets are already trending in politics, business, and technology.  The way we exchange value online is already changing forever. It is important to understand the different types of digital assets available today.

It is worth watching and understanding how IoT and DLT enables new ways of doing business. A seamless interaction between the physical and digital world is crucial.

Whatever happens, the world and the business processes need to keep going.  We need to keep businesses alive to keep people alive and sustained.  So, we need to orient and learn to understand the new opportunities and their limits.  More importantly, on how IOTA can solve these issues.

Developers are not willing to let go of the opportunity to join the world’s best engineering team, cutting edge technology, and open source community.

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