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Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Roger Ver about How Bitcoin Cash Becomes Cash for the World with Gifts

May 22, 2020 Off By dan saada

Coinbase has released a new open-source Bitcoin Cash Block Explorer and powered by BCHD’s gRPC interface! Contributors are welcome!

In response to the release from CoinBase, investors opined, “Beginning of mass adoption for BCH. $500 in the coming few months!” Some others furthered, stating, “Definitely, it will be 500 USD in the coming months. It can reach 1 k by the end of 2020, too. Next year will be epic.”

While it seems like people support the blockchain they prefer, BCH developers are doing a lot of great things.

Roger Ver tweeted:  “This is how Bitcoin Cash becomes cash for the world. #Amazon”

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert, tweeted:  “After all the 51% attack theories of BCH, Roger Ver is now ensuring that Bitcoin Cash BCH becomes cash for the world.”

Many opine that this is a perfect move. It is expected that more of businesses will send gift to their customers.

However, an out of the box thinker queried, “How is this any different than the FED printing money? Where does this $2 in BCH come from? Who has access to give these funds out?” The query got a response that read, “The maximum BCH supply is 21M. The BCH come from someone’s wallet. Everyone with the private key has access.

However, several people feel that is going to be peer to peer for sure. A few others felt that this is an excellent move and opined that the post is positive for BCH and Crypto in general. Further, it seemed to be much better received than attacking BTC in the same post.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) People Get Used to Gifts

There are still people like, “I just don’t think everyday people are going to use crypto’s – my dad doesn’t even have a smartphone… he’ll use a credit card though. So whatever crypto can get credit cards to run on its decentralized ledger.”

The current gifts are set to influence traditional-minded people to just take time to explore what BCH and crypto can facilitate for them.

For digital systems to work like a digital cash, it should be outside the control of a third-party. The operation should conform to the will of its user per the protocol with no possibility for any third-party to stop these payments. So, will this the case be with BCH is a growing concern.  Obviously, yes is the answer.

Some express concern that the gifts in some cases will go straight to the bin thinking it is a junk found in regular parcels. However, the clever ones will learn how to use it.