Cardano (ADA) Acknowledged by Vitalik Buterin Known Devils Better Than Unknown Angels

By Steven Anderson May 24, 2020 Off
Cardano ADA Ethereum vitalik buterin

The Cardano community, in response to Vitalik Buterin acknowledgment of Cardano, opined that they deserve to be acknowledged when PoS is brought up, further reinstating that they deserve acknowledgments in several other cryptocurrency discussions too.

Vitalik.eth tweeted:  “I hereby acknowledge Cardano.”

This gesture from Vitalik made several people appreciate the vibe stating there are a lot of opportunities in the crypto world.  Further stating that the blockchain platform will be able to work together and eventually help to build a better world for everyone.

Several cryptocurrency investors opine that Ethereum and Cardano are very important parts in the future of the crypto space and in several other projects.  They claimed how the free market was everything.

The rest of the opinions read thus:  “There are several promising projects, and I believe that several will yield good results. Maximalism is religion.”

When all these are happening, there is a counter-party and counter-claim trying to establish some contrasts.  One of the accounts claimed Cardano couldn’t get out from their comfort zone; they like to do a lot of research, math, and so on only on paper. Contrasting it to Ethereum is a hurricane: science, math, research, and the most important component for the company success ACTION!!!

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert, tweeted: “Good for all if #Cardano and #Ethereum acknowledge each other and find a breakthrough solution mutually. Together, they will rule the market.”

Cardano Community retweeted Thiago (OUROS – StakePool) tweet:  “The path to adoption require better education about our fundamentals, today we teach thousands of Brazilians about Cardano! Glad to be part of this project!”

Cardano (ADA) Hopium and Founder YouTube

There are criticisms everywhere; one of the Cardano members opined,Cardano makes a lot of promises but no lights year after year. Only smokes to keep cardanian hopium, and with every time the founder goes on YouTube.”

However, we all know that the Cardano project is like the Chinese Bamboo tree.  Some patience is required.

In the end, as the community opines, it is good about a collaboration rather than a cross crypto war. There is a lot of excellent work brewing for release from ADA Cardano, and the community is paying close attention to the details.

We recollect that Charles and Vitalik already have a history with each other.  They had their differences, and they have worked on ETH together (Does not matter even if it is a short period of time). Now the good thing is that both of them are “Known Devils better than Unknown Angels for each other.”