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Bitcoin Token (BTCT) paving the way for an eco-friendly future in the crypto space

May 26, 2020 Off By Sydney Ifergan

Bitcoin Token is a highly powerful digital coin which is fully decentralized, community driven and developed, economical as well as highly energy-efficient.

With the whole world going green of late can the crypto space stay far behind? You bet. The news is a group of blockchain developers have joined hands recently to bring to life an advanced eco-friendly digital currency. Titled “Bitcoin Token” (BTCT), this next-gen coin is a community-driven & developed P2P currency, based on complete decentralized infrastructure.

Engineered with state-of-the-art green technology, BTCT has fast attained adulations from the crypto community and has been widely adopted by leading crypto exchanges, such as CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko and so on.

“BTCT promises a safer planet with an eco-friendly operation. The coin consumes much less energy in comparison to Bitcoin and we are looking forward to its mass adoption for a greener earth in near future”, stated a leading spokesperson from the BTCT development team.

While traditional Bitcoin mining equipments use an enormous volume of energy, Bitcoin Token needs just a fraction of energy to maintain its network. As per the BTCT development team, the energy required to run their whole network is just in thousands a year. On the other hand, Bitcoin’s energy requirement per annum is equivalent to the yearly energy expenditure of an entire country like Switzerland.

The secret behind BTCT’s energy-efficient design is the support of cutting-edge Raspberry Pi Masternodes and advanced Proof-of-Stake mining system.

The BTCT blockchain network is equipped with Raspberry Pi mini computers which require way lesser energy to run than Bitcoin blockchain’s network. On the other hand, Proof-of-Stake mining system assures more scalable and less energy-consuming transactions compared to Bitcoin’s Proof-of-Work mining process.

Unlike many other existing cryptocurrencies that still follow a centralized operation, BTCT maintains a complete decentralized approach. The coin is entirely community driven and does not operate under any bank or central authority. All the BTCT transactions are carried out collectively by the BTCT network.

Another factor that keeps BTCT ahead in the current crypto market is its super-fast transaction speed. While Bitcoin transactions take no less than 10 minutes to get confirmed, BTCT can be transferred in even less than 3 seconds.

Not only that, BTCT transaction fees are way lower than that of Bitcoin. It takes around $0.42 to send a $25 worth BTC transaction. But when it comes to BTCT, it will take roughly $0.01 or less for the same amount of transaction.

Major features of BTCT –

  • Globally distributed decentralized digital currency
  • Highly energy-efficient
  • Fast transaction speed
  • Low transaction fee
  • Deflationary in nature

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