Digibyte with Threefold decentralized

DigiByte (DGB) Empowering the Community and Decentralizing the World with Threefold

May 27, 2020 Off By Steven Anderson

Lots of expectations brewing around how DigiByte and Threefold are going supernova blockchain crazy.  It is expected to rock the internet. Threefold is an amazing project. 

Threefold is a peer-to-peer Internet that empowers equality, freedom, & sustainability. An open ecosystem. Game-changing tech. Distributed in 21 countries. Live since 2018.

The ThreeFold Grid are focusing to become the foundation for a peer-to-peer internet which is better for our planet and better for humanity. They feel that good internet speed should not be a luxury.  It is supposed to be fair and equal internet access is considered to be a human right.

Rudy Bouwman tweeted:  “The DigiByte foundation just sealed a partnership with threefold_io. Check out this video with the explanation of this P2P internet technology developed by ThreeFold in collaboration with Hewlett Packard, Kleos, and Flowgen as technology partners.” and previously tweeted:  “The @DGB_Foundation is proud to be a partner to ensure further global decentralization.”

Threefold in return have expressed, “We’re truly proud, and grateful as well, to be in partnership with DigiByte – and we appreciate the warm welcome from you and your community. Collaboration is the way forward.And this is just the beginning!”

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “Digibyte (DGB) are partnering with people who have similar polices like: by, of, and for people. Good and DGB great going with Threefold.”

DigiByte (DGB) Empowering the Community and Decentralizing the World

Threefold are very particular about the idea of you should own your data. Threefold are looking at billions who are still without access to internet and the related conveniences. For those with access, Threefold are already a product.

Kristof De Spiegeleer, co-founder of ThreeFold, sat down with IVAN on Tech explaining how the current internet is broken and about how ThreeFold are building an internet that empowers, humanity, and technologies.

Threefold firmly believes that digital ecosystems are the future and that it will empower billions from across the world.  The digital ecosystem is what that represents a departure from centralized economic systems which are fueled by greed and control eventually propelling towards a fair and equal society.

Threefold commend those who are working towards this reality.

More Partnerships are coming in response to the DigiByte policy which reads: The #DigiByte#blockchain is a truly decentralized network with no central authority. Any exchange, platform or wallet is free to add $DGB any time they would like. No permission required from anyone. We warmly welcome all new users to this 6+ year-old community-driven project!

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