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Dash is Bashing Every Where Users have Lot of queries Awaiting AMA June 05, 2020

May 29, 2020 Off By dan saada

Dash is focusing on becoming the most user-friendly and scalable payment.  They are working towards achieving their goal.  Individuals and businesses are beginning to use Dash, and this is a sign of mass adoption. Dash Future Trading is considered by several users as better than several other trades. 

Users are continuing to suggest changes to the platform.  The developers are keenly observing user interest.  They are continually working on developing aspects like security, scalability, and data security.

Huobi futures recently tweeted:  “Don’t miss HuobiFutures × @Dashpay AMA! – Time: June 5, 9:00 – 10:00 (GMT+8) – Join DASH community: Guest Speaker: Tom, Huobi Futures COO Drop Qs towards HuobiFutures in the comment Get $25 in DASH if yours get picked!”

The sooner Huobi announced the AMA; the comment section got flooded with queries from users.

  1. Are there any more products that we should expect concerning $DASH in Huobi? Other than the swap ofc.
  2. In Huobi futures, how is the price at $DASH swap calculated?
  3. Regulators are concerned that exchanges may not comply with KYC / AML regulations when trading money with security features. To address these concerns, how has Dash resolved it?

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert, tweeted:  “Real-time users have already posted more questions than what can be answered in an AMA for DASH.  We hope to see that answered on June 05, 2020.”

A lot of users are looking forward to a strategic partnership between Huobi and Dash in the near future. There were queries about how DASH will be able to educate and help improving the awareness and adoption in the community.

About what Dash has for long-term holders, about combating price manipulation of Dash at Huobi Futures? And many, many more.

DASH Improving on Strongest Points

Dash Electrum is a Dash client based on Electrum.  It is now made available in Google Play Store.  Users are trading Dash swap on Huobi Futures, and they feel it is better than other Derivatives exchanges.  Users are discussing the benefits of Dash having partnered with BlockchainIntel, and they are talking a lot about Reciprocity Trading.

Dash are improving on their strongest points to attract more users.  While Dash are working through all the trendy advances possible for their users, there are new beginners making it to the market. They are looking for exciting things in the pipeline.  They are beginning to realize that Dash is more acceptable due to faster values from the master nodes.

And more so, Dash is finding widespread adoption in the gaming industry.

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