Nexo making it easier to move money between Banks and Wallets

June 4, 2020 Off By dan saada

The Mainnet event is up, and it just looks like the future of finance has comes closer to Antoni Trenchev’s presentation.  The inaugural mainnet event 2020 is set in a way to benefit Binance Charity and the Giving Block.

The general sessions are programmed in a way to cover for themes like Institutional investment, the state of cryptocurrency infrastructure, Web 3.0 protocols, the rise of DeFi, and on Governing the crypto frontier.

The Mainnet is focused on inviting 100+ speakers from leading protocols, infrastructure companies, and investment firms.  The Mainnet agenda was made available for download in a PDF format.

Antoni Trenchev tweeted:  “A quick note to let you all know that I’ll be talking @GoldmanSachs, crypto & the future of finance at #MAINNET2020 at 12:50 EST today.”

Mainnet is described as being a production of Messari, the industry’s leading market intelligence company focused on the digital asset ecosystem. The company’s tools and research solutions provide customers with actionable insights to confidently make decisions in the fast-moving crypto-asset space.

While users acknowledged, they were fully supporting Nexo attempts some of them queried on when Nexo will be decentralizing their solutions.  There are repeat queries of dividends and expectations of the official announcement in this regard.

Nexo tweeted:  “3..2..1.. @AntoniNexo will be on in 5 minutes on @MessariCrypto‘s #Mainnet2020, tune into the event and find out what he has to say about @goldmansachs and Bitcoin!”

The Mainnet 2020 is expected to be the ultimate virtual gathering of the industry’s top thinkers, investors, and builders who are working towards advancing the development and understanding of their sovereign financial future. They are focusing on ensuring that the knowledge and insights which are expressed from the list of exceptional speakers and companies will be spread to the world. 

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert, tweeted:  “Several Nexo users have expressed that Nexo has been great to them personally from day #1.”

Nexo Bridging Financial Gap

Nexo is continuing to bridge the gap between traditional and modern cryptocurrency.

More of cryptocurrency investors are becoming comfortable with the idea of giving Bitcoin or Ether and receiving an instant loan paid out either in Euros or dollars or in other currencies.

Nexo is extending its services to several other cryptocurrencies.