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Dash Upgrade Smart Triggers Backing Cryptocurrency with Physical Gold and Lot more

June 12, 2020 Off By Maheen Hernandez

The Dash Code Group are set to discuss proposed changes to the Dash economics via a Zoom Webinar. Those who were not able to join were requested to submit their questions.  Ryan Taylor is focused on discussing the proposal to improve Dash as a store of value.

Dash tweeted:  “Dash Core v0.16 is on test net. It will be a mandatory upgrade for master nodes once on the mainnet. This release introduces performance optimizations, wallet user interface enhancements, greater stability, and numerous enhancements through Bitcoin backports.”

The current Dash upgrade is mandatory, and it consists of a lot of improvements ranging from performance optimizations, wallet user interface enhancements, greater stability, and other improvements through Bitcoin backports.

Reportedly, the release highlights talk about quorum singing optimizations, network threading improvement, minimum protocol check, and Bitcoin Backports.  The Code clean up covers for PrivateSend Code Refactoring, PrivateSend Create Denominations Improvement, Core Wallet Enhancements, and Additional Changes. They have also published Integration Partner Notes, remote procedure call (RPC) changes, command-line options, and Bitcoin Backports.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert, tweeted:  “Yet something that is hot going to Dash is about Dash backing cryptocurrency with Physical Gold at Vaultoro.”

An interesting medium article published stating that Dash is a cryptocurrency organism that is protecting its own future by making use of physical Gold bullion.

Dash Thailand and PARSIQ

Dash Thailand has forever been active in propagating and promoting Dash payments. PARSIQ are now bringing exclusive rewards to the Dash community for creating Smart-Triggers

Dash Thailand tweeted:  “#1 Great News! #DashNext & #PARSIQ are taking their strategic partnership further to deliver real-time Dash payment notifications through PARSIQ’s Smart-Triggers.”

PARSIQ is a platform meant for automating blockchain workflows, which consists of real-time transaction notification for the end-users.  They are focusing on improving on the merchant payment volume.

Of note, PARSIQ did officially launch from beta to live version, later including the full integration of the Dash blockchain onto the PARSIQ platform.

Dash users will receive up to 200 PRQ for create their free PARSIQ account and setting up a simple Smart-Trigger with their ERC20 address. This campaign is exclusively for Dash users, and users will be receiving an additional 50 PRQ for a limited time when the Dash Smart-Trigger is created.

Dash Core Group, on June 11th at 8pm CAT on Telegram, is discussing plans to grow the Dash adoption in Sub Saharan Africa. Several users are excited to know what these plans are.

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