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Will TRON (TRX) Explain Their Use Cases? We need them to make Sense of the Statistics

June 14, 2020 Off By Steven Anderson

We keep getting TRON (TRX) updates on a regular basis.  We see that the numbers are changing; however, many users are not able to make sense of the statistics.  Users are very keen to know about the list of use cases from TRON so that they can understand the big picture about TRON.

Justin Sun Tweeted:  “Take a look at statistics changed from May 29 to June 11 according to @TRONSCAN_ORG.  Total accounts on #TRON exceeded 6.2M.  Total transactions reached 1.02 Billion.  Blockheight exceeded 20.5M.  Circulation of TRC20-USDT exceeded 2.6B.”

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted: “The account counting by TRON (TRX) shows improved numbers each time and we do not know what makes all of it.  Yes the use cases.  What makes TRON useful.  Puzzling indeed.”

The in depth cooperation in terms of trading fees between Poloniex and TRON has already occurred.  They have initiated their brand new tiered fee schedule.

Several investors are worried about nothing improving with TRON and therefore they say they are selling their existing TRX coins.  Practical reality dictates that there needs to be something that we can use as a scale to judge whether something is worth the investment or otherwise.  So, what backs the value of TRX? What are the use cases? Without a clear insight in to these details, how on earth do users believe in a token and further invest in it.

TRON (TRX) Real Projects

It is not possible the good things that TRON does.  TRON Foundation recently tweeted:  “We TRON donated a week’s worth of meals to SF General Hospital. This is a small token of our appreciation for those risking their lives for others on the frontlines. How are you giving back during these times?”

All the good investors believe that one day their TRX investment will pay off. One is for sure, something should change for better efficiency to push true adoption with improved trust further.

What are the real projects behind TRON? This question has come in several forms and people have no answer to it. Perhaps a list of links to the projects will help clarify.

The TRX trading volume is so high; however, when watching closely it is clear that there is no price action at all.  There is no movement. Practically, any asset with so much trading volume should be crazy filled with action.  The volumes do not seem to be real.

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