Coti network mainnet

COTI Network Evolving Through Major Milestones in the Cryptocurrency Space

June 15, 2020 Off By Steven Anderson

COTI is a fully encompassing “finance on the blockchain” ecosystem.  It is built on DAG technology and designed to meet the challenges of traditional finance.

COTI MainNet is the major milestones through which COIT have evolved.  They feel they are a strong company on their Anniversary.

COTI tweeted:  “A year ago, we had the privilege of launching two of our most important achievements to date: COTI TGE and COTI MainNet. We are proud to count many meaningful milestones through which COTI has evolved to be a strong company. “

The numbers of merchants using COTI Pay, the wallet and payment system, and the credit card transactions processed on the COTI Network are all considered in evaluating the efficiency of the COTI Network.

COTI are focusing on the Indonesian Crypto Market and they are likely to be listed on Indodax, which is considered to be that largest exchange in Indonesia. COTI have gained access to fiat deposits from the local market from when COTI/IDR pair have begun trading since June 11, 2020.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “COTI have been in to exchange based staking campaign previously on Binance and later with KuCoin Pool X-Staking Campaign.  They are going strong with staking.”

The nice thing about COTI network is that the node operators set their own full nodes fees.  They have already set their fee choices and it is already setup in the MainNet.  The COTI Wallet has the complete details of the fee table and the current fee for each node.

COTI Network Improving Processing Volumes

COTI network are growing strong in terms of processing volumes.  They keep improving from their own past volumes each month.

Of note, Shahaf-Bar-Geffen along with Dr. Haloani were hosted in the Cardano Effect Podcast.

Shahaf-Bar-Geffen, COTI CEO tweeted:  “Amazing work in just one year. This year will be even bigger! Stay $COTI.”

Shahaf-Bar-Geffen is seen very excited in anticipation of the VIPER coming this week.  The COTI CEO does a lot to prevent the community from lazing away. He keeps alerting them about the growth on the COTI network.  He also keeps updating the community about the AMA.

He has been recently talking a lot about how merchant transactions are on the rise in the COTI network, this increasing both the demand for COTI and the rewards for stakes.

The CEO keeps leading fruitful and exciting developments.  They are working with a clear goal based on their COTI Technology Road Map.