Io blockchain NightHawk Network Update

I/O Blockchain Community Anticipates NightHawk Network Update

June 15, 2020 Off By Ayobami Abiola

I/O coin community is anticipating the next update from the development team. The blockchain development team has revealed the features for the update which is surnamed, NightHawk. The update is set to improve the security and privacy of the users of the blockchain while halving the block rewards. Though the development process has slowed down, the community is very optimistic as they would rather wait than sacrifice their privacy and security for updates that have not passed through thorough checks.

I/O blockchain has been the first blockchain to allow blockchain storage of up to 4MB per block which allows files to be securely between participants of the network. On most blockchains, file transfer is not possible directly on the blockchain, to make it possible, InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) is used to store the file while the secret unlocking code or the Hash is saved on the blockchain. I/O blockchain allows users to directly send files to other people via the blockchain to a secure chat application on the desktop wallet. Sending files on the I/O increases the fee to be charged but it is far cheaper than sending on any other blockchain.

LB-IO Tweeted: “Just Uploaded a file to the @IOCoin_IOC #Blockchain. Extremely easy and cheap. Check out  for more info #UploadDocuments #Notary #Bitcoin #Cryptocurrency #IOcoin #FileStorage $IOC $BTC”

The NightHawk update will allow users to send and receive IOC and other files anonymously. The update also includes Zk-Ring Signatures which is to further improve the security of the blockchain.

Many members of the community believe strongly that I/O coin will gain the recognition it deserves as times go on.

A community member @ZVmeste tweeted: “What can I say about $IOC – one of the most unfairly undervalued coins nowadays:

  • very low price
  • about 175x to ATH
  • huuugest buy volume in it’s history in march
  • global uptrend
  • hasn’t been pumped yet
  • and of course IOC was fairly launched 5 years ago!”

As @ZVmeste wrote, IOCoin might be one of the most undervalued and unrecognized blockchain technologies that carry a lot of potential for people who seek privacy and security of their personal data.

This blockchain will prove very useful for government parastatals who pay royalties to secure internal communications and file transfer.