IOTA Understanding How People and Companies are more open to Technologies

By Steven Anderson June 16, 2020 Off
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IOTA on June 15, 2020 had their webinar with Zebra Technology to discuss how they are using DLT to ensure traceability in supply chains.

IOTA tweeted:  What is the average number of communication methods to get a product from the farm to the customer?

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “IOTA are doing a lot to ensure efficient peer to peer collaboration with transparency making Tracking and Tracing efficient than ever.”

For those who have always wanted to set up a node, but felt it was difficult, the IOTA Hornet node can be installed in just one click.  Those who are willing to contribute to the IOTA network need to head over to Digital Ocean to deploy their first, second or third Hornet node. For now there are no rewards for running a node; however, in the future users might get rewarded to run oracles on Smart Contract.

There was a recent discussion on the effects of COVID-19 on the global financial system.  Dan Simerman, Head of Financial Relations participated in the Webinar hosted by Bequant Group and shared his views in this regard.

It was expressed in the webinar that what we have learnt during the CoVid Disruption is that companies we thought are fully-digitized or they are fully automated, we learn that they are not as digitized as they saw nor as automated as they saw it. It is now clear that we need more digitization and more automation. Also digitization is needed if we have long distance interaction.

We cannot pass pieces of paper with each other with that we need to do more digitization than before, and it is true for money and any other pieces of information or assets.  The crisis also revealed that we need more and quicker collaboration.  So, with that and top of that people were experimenting with new technologies, lot of people who were never on Zoom before are now more or less online all the time.  Therefore, people and companies are more open to new technologies. Than they were before Co-vid.

IOTA Facilitating Newer Possibilities

The IOTA community are jointly working towards building IOTA 2.0.  They have re-engineered the principles of the already existing distributed ledger technology to facilitate newer possibilities in social impact, mobility, smart cities, global trade, and digital identity.

Traceability in supply chains in crucial.  There was a webinar on traceability in supply chains between IOTA and ZEBRA technology to explore how DLT is being used for traceability in supply chains. 

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