SC DigiFarm: CoronaVirus Pandemic unsung Hero

June 18, 2020 Off By Ayobami Abiola

The CoronaVirus came in as a shocker to the world. Almost everyone is forced to stay indoors except for health workers and other unsung heroes that many seem to forget easily. The lockdown may be favorable for many who are financially capable to take care of themselves even when there is no work. The pain is huge for the poor who on a normal day struggles to find food.

Though the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency might not have been affected as severely as many other assets that came crumbling for the pandemic, the ecosystem consists of people who are living in this world. Some of these people or crypto projects felt concerned for the lives of poor people around them and rose up to help even when their own lives are at risk. Big crypto projects got their acts covered by media but unsung heroes who went all the way as to actually touching the lives of the poor are left out.

Sc Digi Farm

SC Digi Farm is a crab and shrimp farm located in Bani, Pangasinan, Philippines. This farm opened opportunities for investors to help enlarge and improve the production capacity of the farm in 2019 via DigiAssets. The farm accepts payments in cryptos like Digibyte, Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc. for its products.

The Helps and Rescues

The coronavirus lockdown in some areas in the Philippines was severe and hash as it led to a food crisis that left many stranded. With the good hearts of the team at SC Digi Farm, the vision to raise crabs and shrimps was diverted to helping the immediate environment. Relieve materials were distributed to poor people:

Because of the lockdown in Pangasinan, the food crisis is continuing and we decided that any purchase of our merchandise from amazing @FateKnocksShop, our part will go towards food relief packages.


The people behind the project did not stop there but traveled far and near to help as the situation worsen when a typhoon hit the area. @lennyshots one of the team members at SC Digi farm had to solicit for funds from the crypto community to help the poor:

This is just too sad, rich gets free stuff and on the other side, people suffer so much. Please help @digi_sc in the Philippines. We have a lockdown, typhoon, and life just getting more complicated daily.


The cryptocurrency community especially the Digibyte family rose to the rescue. Despite difficulties in traveling long distances and several hurdles to be scaled, SC Digi farm came to the rescue of poor people in the Philippines when their help was needed most.

Crypto is a Tool 

The Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrency is a tool that can be used to revolutionize the world but it will be useless if the hearts of the people holding it are backward. SC Digifarm has shown through its heroic acts that everyone, no matter how big or small has a role to play in helping people in need.