SiaCoin (SC) in Places Where Impactful Projects in Crypto Happen

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The major use of Skynet is to help minimize the need for caching media files on the nodes.  This is done by preventing full duplication of those files.  The Ignite nodes upload the locally stored media files to Skynet and eventually it makes them ready to be retrieved worldwide.

Sia Retweeted:  “Recently we announced that Prometeus and SiaTechHQ will cooperate on the creation of the first decentralized social network – Ignite, which will be integrated with Skynet.

The solution facilitated by Skynet is that caching all the media files locally on each node is only a temporary solution.  It is not possible to store the copies of the media files on the Ignite node for a life time.  Deal with these issues, preference is provided for Content Delivery Network (CDN) that is geographically distributed.

The request for content are algorithmically directed to optimal nodes.  They follow the location rule for performance optimization. Skynet thus help minimizing caching media files on the nodes.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “SiaCoin (SC) is in direct competition with other cloud storage providers like DropBox, Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft.”

With Sia anyone who is able to let out their hard disk space will be able to earn SiaCoin in return. Anyone who has got free idle storage space can rent it and get rewarded in Siacoin.

SiaCoin (SC) SiaShare

SiaShare is a virtual desktop, which permits company employees to share a singular hub of files and folders from which they will be able to collaborate.

The good thing about SiaShare is that the files will be encrypted and it will be stored in the cloud with 3-10 times redundancy. The security would not be inconvenient when it comes to sharing files. In reality, crypto-based cloud storage has never been as accessible.

Sia recently shared the details of nickfost and the upcoming release of their Sia based apps.

Sia tweeted: “Standards like Rosetta are an important sign of maturity in the blockchain ecosystem. Excited to see devs use it to build cross-platform applications. We’re also happy that Rosetta launched with a Go SDK; it made integrating Sia with Rosetta much easier.”

Of note, Rosetta is an open-source specification consisting of a set of tools which makes integrating with blockchains, simpler, faster and more reliable.

The numbers of projects clustering up on the Siacoin network is increasing by the day. SiaCoin will be soon in very important place like where impactful projects in crypto will happen.

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