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Cardano (ADA) about winning Mass Adoption Charles Hoskinson Fuming and Ready to Fight

June 21, 2020 Off By Maheen Hernandez

It is the biggest lie ever told in space.  It makes sense where that liesto propagate itthat Ethereum has achieved the network effect consensus built into entire business and marketing model to basically make that lie.

They say, we are the dominant platform. Yes! You are the dominant platform.  You are the biggest fish in the very tiny pond near the ocean.  No one has won.

We are all fighting right now in a small pond.  And, they are not thinking about how we sort real problems to win we have to think in terms of utility and experience that is what is actually going to help your use.

Now, where are the killer applications for these? Supply chains, medical records, identity solutions, voting solutions and who are the primary consumers of these things.

Are they the guys in the developed world who all have pre-existing business relationships with Amazon, Microsoft, and IBM? No, they will just buy whatever the salesman has got there.  The people whom you are going to win with are in Georgia, Ethiopia and Mongolia.

And all these are the places where you have governance because of globalization.If you don’t upgrade in the next 3 to 6 months, you will lose market access.

You will no longer be able to able to sell your Coffee to StarBucks. So, they have to go from a analog paper system with no digital side to a complete digital system, which means they have no preferences to a particular vendor.

And these are literally millions to billions of customers that are going to be there. One voucher program in Ethiopia will give them access to 6 million farmers who have a high retainer rate.  You can securitize those and you have demonstramus with a 15% to 20% return.

Think, Goldmansachs wants totrade something like thatand it has a sovereign guarantee behind it times the negative interest rates.  I am ready to fight and I think we are going to win this one with all the things we have been working on for five years coming together all at once.

And now we are in a situation where we can shift things in weeks that normally would have taken us months with the old code and old processor.

Messari tweeted:  “I’m ready to fight and I think we’re going to win this one.” In a fiery update on @Cardano from @IOHK_Charles, the @InputOutputHK CEO lays out how Cardano will achieve adoption.”

Messari gave a shoutout to sponsors for making interviews possible.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “Let’s wait for Cardano (ADA) Charles Hoskinson to win his fight. Big Deal. Great Crypto.”