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Bitfinex Cryptocurrency Exchange Tools and Features Made Easy Comfortably Techy

June 21, 2020 Off By Steven Anderson

When talking about the withdrawal speed, Paolo Ardoino stated that Finex might not the fastest to process withdrawals; however, he claims they have the highest level of security achievable.

Paolo Ardoino tweeted:  “It took several months to bring the entire platform towards a homogeneous, beautiful and modern design. Today finally we completed the process! Congrats to everyone in @bitfinex team. Now we look like a company living in 2020.”

Ardoino further added stating, the new home page and public pages are built as static SPA and use standard REST v2 APIs to serve dynamic data. Page load performance has been vastly improved with benefits for both the users and our infrastructure.

The new website not makes it very easy for users to discover the tools and features available in Bitfinex.

The Latest Version of the Bitfinex Mobile app provides access to the fundamental earnings panel in every token page with a funding tab.  Also the deposits for EOS token, Tether (USDT) and EOS chain are being enabled.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “Bitfinex CTO Paolo Ardoino stated that they are collaborating with key players. Obviously, when great minds work together, the results will be great too.“

Bitfinex very recently spoke about cross-listing and they stated that this will increase the inter-exchange settlement functionalities on both the platforms.

Several investors are very confident that Tether (USDT) will dominate the payment industry.  They are opening calling for a challenge to those who are willing to help them change their mind.

Paolo Ardoino has been taking about something big coming in the few weeks.  Hopefully it is about Bitfinex pulse integrating comments and a lot of additional features.    There is a growing interest in indicators that help spot potentially manipulated derivative trading volumes.

Bitfinex and 71 #Bitcoin

Of note, over the past week Bitfinex have opened nearly 65 channels to their users by adding over 500 million Satoshis (5 BTC) to the Lightning Network.

Thus, the total capacity of Bitfinex over two nodes is more than 71 # Bitcoin.

It is impossible to deny that Bitfinex has become the tech leader when it comes to Bitcoin integration.  They are working continuously optimize the life of traders.  Some of the most profitable traders are named on the Bitfinex Leaderboard.  It just looks like making money with crypto is more than just investing.  One should be doing something more than that to make real profits as opposed to hoping for the price to move up.