digibyte DGB bull run

DigiByte Investors are Wishing for Yet another Bull Run to Feel more Settled

June 21, 2020 Off By Maheen Hernandez

Digibyte as a digital currency provides for negligible fees, instant transactions, secure payment system, easy to hold and receive, provides mobile wallets in 55+ languages, there are no middlemen or central authority.

DigitByte tweeted:  “BREAKING NEWS, DigiByte, Blockchain is part of the additional anchoring in the next big thing: VIDT Datalink: Multi-Cloud x Multi-Chain Data Verification. Some nice projects coming up in the ecosystem, and of course together with DigiByte!”

Jared Tate recently expressed that anyone who will like Bitcoin will love the DigiByte blockchain.  He stated that it is pure decentralization powered by We, the people.

Several investors are hoping for one more DGB bull run and they feel that will make their lives feel more settled.  However, there need to be some solid use case to drive price crazy high and some kind of innovation should be made to set it happening.

Some feel that DigiByte is a HODL grade.  They feel it is a tool used by traders to accumulate more of Bitcoin.

The social engagement for DigiByte is increasing by the day and it has already crossed a billion. 

One of the projects published the 6-month Digibyte social activity: 825,044 total social mentions 313,987 total social contributors 818,427,991 total social engagements 79,857 total shared links 2.21% average social dominance 129,754 total spam posts.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “DigiByte (DGB) have had the taste of what it means to have a mega bull run and they will want it again. Hope to see some driving factor soon.”

Digibyte (DGB) Test Flight

The DigiByte iOS is already submitted for Approval, and it will soon be available via Public TestFlight.  The community are appreciative of these efforts and some of them wish that they will get far enough in the near future to be able to afford to pay for such huge contributions.

Several users are already interested in joining the Test Flight. It is mainly meant for storage only and it might not provide for buying DGB with it. It is very obvious that the developer community continues to be enthusiastic.

For those who think they are stuck in the Fiat currency world, DGB might just be the answer.

Of note, DGB is the digital assets with a 1000:1 ratio to the BTC, which is being mined over 21 years (2014-2035) and will have a max supply of 21 Billion in the year 2035. Therefore, when mass adoption happens, average people will still be able to afford to buy an entire DigiByte.