VeChain (VET) in Accelerating Digital Transformation in Various Frontiers and a Share in the 3 million VET

June 21, 2020 Off By dan saada

VeChain has been very helpful in the process of helping the medical professionals respond to the novel coronavirus outbreak to help in the process of communicating medical data rapidly while sustaining data security.

Dimitrios Neocleous tweeted: “ More than 1,200 people have downloaded the E-HCert App at the Larnaca airport and have asked to receive their novel coronavirus test results on it ” – Powered by VeChain ToolChain!”

Of note, I-DANTE, the Limassol-based IT solutions provider facilitated the automated solution to help with the issue by way of a permissioned blockchain in collaboration of the blockchain ecosystem with VeChain.

Of note, E-NewHealthLife, the blockchain-enabled medical data management platform is implemented in the Emergency Department of the Hospital as a part of the first phase of this project.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “It is good to see VeChain be a part of the critical medical data management process in CoVid testing.”

The E-HCert app facilitates secure delivery of the patient information, enabling the patients to store medical data, and with the permission of the patients it is shared as needed.

Of note, the display of results on the E-HCert app will be useful for those who are returning to Cyprus from abroad to avoid quarantine. This will also be useful when the patient returns to the workplace to get authorizations for other kinds of activity which might need the proof of testing.

E-NewHealthLife is used in the Emergency Department of the Mediterranean hospital in Cyprus.

VeChain Digital Transformation Acceleration

Lot of talks are doing the rounds about the TECOM Conf as it is expected that almost all corporates might be looking in to startup partnerships as the digital transformation accelerates.

Vechain Foundation tweeted:  TECOM Conf was initiated to promote China’s tech and entrepreneurial scene. It was a great opportunity for VeChain to share insights of blockchain development and new trend of digitalization accelerating the development of relationships between startups and corporate entities.”

Meanwhile the VeChain Video Contest is set to close on June 30, 2020 at 10 PM UTC+8.  VeChain foundation are waiting to see more of exciting videos.  This is indeed a nice opportunity for participants to win a share in the 3 million VET.

Sometimes it is not the highs and lows of the price, it is about the use case and the real time success and usability facilitated that makes the technology attractive.