Raven Coin is not an ERC or Similar Token but an Independent POW Blockchain

By dan saada June 26, 2020 Off
Ravencoin PoW blockchain

RavenCoin is Apolitical.  It is an independent Proof-of-Work blockchain. The IPFS is hailed to be one of the most unusual and powerful features of Ravencoin, and the general opinion is that the community has barely scratched on its potential.

The IPFSbot collaborative clusters feature is for anyone to be able to follow and replicate the blockchain.  Community opines that this is innovation and it should be added to the public collab clusters listing too.

One of the community members reported that someone made a POSTCARDS token and issued a bunch of Photos with unique IPFS hashes on it. Further replaced the POET coin functionality completely. A wordpress plugin might likely be created which could timestamp the webpage posts as well to verify authorship with ease.

However, one of the community members were trying to understand something.  If IPFS hashes are updatable for tokens? Was this resolved or does the ‘re-issuable’ function on token creation allow for IPFS to be updated as per original function?

While all these were under discussion, someone expressed that RavenCoin might not be profitable for new miners.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “There is not a perfect coin that will suit everyone.  For those who are happy with the IPFS functionality will sure love Raven Coin for it.”

For those who are willing to mine Raven Coin, it is not an ERC or similar token, but it is an independent Proof of Work blockchain where every single coin in existence has been created by mining.

Raven Coin TAAS

One of the recent news doing the rounds is that one of the major exchanges have partnered with Ravenland and RavenX to create an exchange providing for note-able ravencoin assets. Possibly those might be representing ownership or equity of new companies? Exciting possibilities ahead in this regard.

Of note, anyone who needs Raven Coin should mine it like everyone else.  Also, there is no sales of any kind.  There is no ICO, pre-mine, fundraise, and there is also no founder or dev set aside.

Something interesting about the Raven. One of the Native American Tribes lore states that Raven is a symbol of metamorphosis, playing a role in their Creation myth. It is believed that the Raven escaped from the darkness of the cosmos and became the bringer of light to the world.

More to know about TAAS”(Tokenization As A Service) from Raven Coin.