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Stratis (STRAT) Enterprise Ready Technologies Identity Trust and Supply Trust Blockchain Solutions

July 4, 2020 Off By dan saada

Stratis being a powerful and flexible blockchain development platform focuses on fulfilling the requirements of real world enterprise and financial services.  The stratis public blockchain are more focused on facilitating a great level of decentralization to the more privatized blockchain solutions. Several activities continue to happen at Stratis HQ.

In the past month, Stratis have achieved Smart contract Interoperability between Stratis blockchains and IBM @Hyperledger blockchains.

This update incorporated the key internal development updates and also the key information relating to Stratis Technologies and their partners.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “The Stratis price is low, but we cannot ignore the fact that they are doing their job like professionals. Stratis are all about Trust.”

Stratis Full Node have provided complete facilities to develop new features required for the corporate environment.  They provide for extensibility and flexibility of their code.  Enterprise-deal solutions get to have Stratis Membership Services (SMS), Stratis Channels, Private Data, Blockchain Interoperability, and several other features incorporated in to the solution.  Stratis also have a Certificate Authority which comes with a DLT solution.

Stratis solutions are high scalable horizontally and remain resilient in highly-available implementations, thus making it possible for the solution to grow with both adoption and utilization.

In the future, all the Stratis Product Offering will be having a blog post.

Stratis (STRAT) Identity Trust

Stratis pioneer in Identity Trust.  In order to remove a centralized digital identity management solution, Stratis are focusing on providing a truly decentralized, self-sovereign, and claims-based identity solution.

Self-Sovereign Identity is the digital identity of the individual who actually owns and controls the identity, the original owner to the identity.  A part of this identity can be shared with individuals, agencies, and organizations where the control will be with the individual.

Stratis have provided for a newly re-designed mobile application for Android and IOS, which has been developed to complement the newly developed identity solution.  The production process will make use of the Cirrus Blockchain, which rewards the Masternode Operators and provides for a truly decentralized solution.

It is important to recollect that Stratis were the first company who published the blockchain based WebApp on the Azure Market Place, known as the Stratis ICO platform. With time, the platform was developed further to suit the requirements of individuals and companies who evolve in the space.  Stratis Technologies revisit solutions to further leverage the advancements to add to better user experience.

Yet another important product from Stratis is the Stratis Supply Trust used as a blockchain solution for logistics and supply chains.