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SERO Excited about reaching the Top 100 in the Coin Market Cap Crypto Assets List

July 11, 2020 Off By Steven Anderson

The Super Zero Protocol is the world’s first blockchain protocol to use Zero-Knowledge Proofs for privacy protection and supports Turing smart contracts.

Super Zero (SERO) Protocol tweeted: “SERO reached among Top 100 crypto assets on @CoinMarketCap We really appreciate all the support and love our community been showering on SERO. $SERO team will continue to work and deliver more better privacy blockchain solutions in future as well!

The community believes that their potential is huge and they deserve a higher position.

SERO believes in that privacy is the right of every individual.  They claim to be the world’s first truly Privacy Protection platform for decentralized applications.

SERO make use of innovative UTXO + Account mixed mode.  The platform allows developers to issue privacy coins and to further makes it possible for them to use it in DApps, which means DApps can have Privacy features.

SERO were the ones who built the world’s fastest Zero-Knowledge Proof encryption library “Super-ZK.” It is 20+ times faster than the latest zk-SNARKs (Sapling upgrade) which Zcash uses.

Ayobami Abiola, Writer for the Currency Analytics tweeted:  “SERO are Zeroing down to the principles of decentralization in their own way! Good to see them come up in the crypto space, contributing their share.”

To know SERO better it helps to explore the SERO wallet, Block Explorer, and Miner Tool.  The use cases facilitated by SERO are Supply Chain Management, Private Data Management, Trade Intermediary Platforms, Digital Asset Management, and in Gaming and games.

SERO Anonymous Token

Those who are looking to Issue Anonymous Tokens on SERO might want to go through the Smart Contracts Tutorial to Issue Anonymous Tokens.

SERO values privacy to the core.  They know that privacy protection is the key demand in organizations and among individuals in the real time world.

Turing complete smart contracts rely on different kinds of built-in privacy components on the underlying network in the system to provide for the expansion of different ecosystems. SERO have proved that theissuance of anonymous assets is not any longer the exclusive privilege of those with extensive knowledge of cryptography.

SERO are empowered by a long list of partners they take pride in.  HyperPay,, F2Pool, minerOS, BeeStore, Quantum Investment Fund, and LD capital are just a few to name.

With SERO the future blockchain technology can be more commercialized, while at the same time providing for business sensitive information which is private while on the blockchain.