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UniBright (UBT) working Towards 2030 Manifesting Potential without Over Complicating Blockchain

July 11, 2020 Off By Steven Anderson

UniBright facilitates blockchain-based business integration for already existing businesses. A team of blockchain specialists, architects, developers and consultants who have more than 20 years of experience in the business processes and integration power the network. They claim to turn ideas in to businesses, and to further improve processes making use of the blockchain technology.

UniBright are developing enterprise applications and they invest in startups and help building process modelling tools which provide for a 360 degree ecosystem around the tokenized assets. The UBT token is the native token and it is required for all the products and services offered by Unibright.  Unibright accepts UBT for smart contract creation, smart contract connection, tokenization, and workshops.

Chronologically, the team dates back to being a SAP solution provider, “SPO Consulting GmbH, Germany, providing SAP related software solutions worldwide for top players like Lufthansa, Samsung, Siemens and many more.”

Unibright are located in the jurisdiction of Germany and they comply with all the regulatory demands.  Transthereum is the open source blockchain explorer for UniBright developers. Unibright are focused on unlocking the enterprise blockchain potential with low-code capabilities.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “UniBright (UBT) are set to provide for new types of end-customer experience possibilities with minimal risk and proven ROI in innumerable use cases towards 2030.”

The added layer of transparency required to facilitate data accuracy while minimizing the potential for fall out due to supply chain disruption during CoVid-19 is facilitated.  The range of opportunities in terms of transparency and data accuracy come with improved tracking of supplies and material that Unibright are prospecting to spread across in the health care industry, banking and financial services, education sector, supply chain operations and a range of other sectors. While they prospect they also acknowledge the barriers of entry, while being determined to work their way beyond.

Good to see UniBright (UBT) working towards 2030 while manifesting their potential without over-complicating blockchain.

UniBright (UBT) CEO and CTO

Marten Jung, CEO Unibright and Stefan Schmidt, CTO of Unibright in a recent interview spoke about the lot of buzz that the project has been gaining lately due to the developments and more of videos coming up about it.

They spoke in detail about how Unibright started and what inspired this project. This interview is worth the time for those developers and investors who are prospecting to put their money and time in to the project. Momentum is just beginning to gather at Unibright and hope to see more of videos in the future.

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