Sydney Ifergan recommends INGOT Coin ICO- already $40 million reached with Pre-ICO

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INGOT Coin is a ground-breaking ecosystem based on blockchain technology which aims to link the crypto markets with conventional financial markets and cut out 3rd party intermediaries to eliminate inefficiencies in the contemporary financial scene.

Cyprus, July 5th 2018: Aspiring crypto investors in quest of a potential investment platform need not look further. Leading crypto expert Sydney Ifergan is highly recommending INGOT Coin ICO which has just started this month, following a $40 million raised at its Pre-ICO stage. The FIRST of its kind, INGOT represents a revolutionary all-inclusive ecosystem based on blockchain technology which is pioneering the integration of the new crypto world with the traditional financial industry.

The INGOT Coin ICO has commenced on July 1, 2018 and will continue till August 11, 2018. A dandy 25% discount is available for early investors.

“INGOT is all set to wage a revolution in the crypto sphere and has all the potential to be one among the top 10 crypto coins in near future. The best part about it is that it’s going to redefine the entire financial industry and not just the crypto scene and for better. INGOT has created the first ecosystem that will link the crypto markets with conventional financial markets with the aim to eliminate inefficiencies plaguing the current financial scene. More precisely, INGOT has developed a blockchain based one-stop futuristic ecosystem which allows participants to perform & execute transactions just as per their specific financial needs. No wonder, such a visionary platform has already earned the trust of thousands of smart investors and its ongoing ICO stage offers another great opportunity for a lucrative investment in the crypto space”, stated Sydney Ifergan.

Speaking further, he stressed the IC ecosystem will deploy Smart Contracts to execute different contracts whilst eliminating the unwanted involvement of intermediaries and external interferences.

“What I also love about the INGOT ecosystem is its mission to transform trades, settlements & payments & make them instant- by eliminating 3rd party intermediaries who usually delay the whole process.”

INGOT Coin is a holistic ecosystem comprising of 6 main components-

IC Digital Bank- It will extend 24/7 automatic payment processing facility with high-end web-based custodial services managing IC Brokerage & IC Exchange Duties- alongside everyday online banking services.

IC Brokerage- It assures a powerful hub of liquidity, efficient market pricing as well as easy access to all sorts of financial products.

IC Exchange- It serves as one single platform for the INGOT ICO and also for a full-fledged all-inclusive exchange. The Exchange will not only list all major & latest coins but also allow trading of financial instruments.

IC Wallet- It stands the custodial for all INGOT Coin cryptocoin holders. The wallet is geared to create a highly secured environment for all stakeholders through multi sig & cold storage facilities.

IC ICO Accelerator- It is aimed to assist different blockchain projects in issuance & creation of the ICOs through effective collaboration with leading advisors, law firms and specialized marketing firms.

IC Crypto Certifier- It is committed to empower market participants via supporting them with industry-leading certifications in the crypto markets.

INGOT Coin is launched and operated by a highly equipped squad of seasoned financially certified individuals with years of experience in banking, brokerage, fund managing as well as exchanges in conventional & crypto currency environments.


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