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DASH Incorporating Memo Dash Payment and Social Aspects Together on the Blockchain

July 21, 2020 Off By Maheen Hernandez

Dash Core Group are a decentralized and remote team who continue to deliver on their promise of financial freedom. They keep the community uptodate on what they have been doing over the weeks.

Dash @ DashPay tweeted:  “Testing v0.16 Release Candidate 2, Upgraded DashPay to latest version of Platform, Contact requests on DashPay for Android, Integrated DAPI Client 0.14 to Wallet & SDK, Introduced document timestamps to DPP.”

For those who are new to Dash, it is a fork of Bitcoin which focuses on payments. They have introduced several industry’s 1st innovations which includes the masternodes, LLMQs, ChainLocks, and InstantSend.

Dash being the digital cash provides financial freedom to anyone. The payments are instant, easy, and secure and they are well known for their near-zero fees.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “Well over 1000 ATMs across the Globe for Dash is due to the use case and this is proof enough about its usability for daily use needs.”

DASH Replica of Twitter

In a recent interview Ryan Taylor, Dash Core CEO spoke about Dash, crypto regulations, privacy and the inflation of the US Dollar. He also spoke about the replica of Twitter. It is called Memo Dash. 

You can try it, and it actually allows you to use your Dash user name and post messages. You can tip other users with micropayments and message stating, hey I would like to post and send a bit of Dash their way and we are incorporating that payment and social aspects together.

Ryan Taylor spoke about how he got involved in the Dash project in 2014. Dash is based on the Bitcoin Code Base and it has been enhanced for payments use case.  Payments are incredibly cheap, the network is far more scalable and the transactions themselves confirm in 1 to 2 seconds. And, are actually re-spendable by the recipient and are actually more spendable like cash. It is instantaneous and it is really one of the only options in the cryptocurrency space which will function well at the point of sale.

Due to this Dash has seen adoption in a number of areas.  Dash completely focuses on payments which are instantaneous. Geographically, Venezuela has been kind of a leading market for Dash, where literally thousands of merchants accept Dash as a payment method and there is a thriving community for Dash. Dash is really aiming to bring to the world the promise of cryptocurrency and have it work in the real world.

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