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Sydney Ifergan joins New revolutionary Green Energy token WPP backed by billions in projects

July 6, 2018 Off Steven Anderson By Steven Anderson

WPP Token is a futuristic Green energy token launched by a global leader in renewable energy and is aimed to help consumers access energy at a much reduced cost than what is charged by utility companies.

Cyprus, July 6th 2018: Top crypto expert Sydney Ifergan has joined new revolutionary Green Energy token WPP as a senior advisor. Backed by billions of dollars in projects, the latest green energy token extends exceptional investment opportunity for aspiring crypto investors with its 6 major initiatives that will fight the global energy crisis and make the world a better place to live in.

The WPP pre-ITO is scheduled to start from July 15, 2018. The pre-ITO sale price for the WPP Token is $0.20.

The WPP Token is launched by Geneva-based WPP Energy, a global leader in renewable energy since 2009. The company is a Joint Venture partner on government energy supply projects & private purchase agreements that total over $50 billion. WPP Energy is committed to green energy solutions with a powerful global impact by converting as many as possible of the thousands of polluting power plants worldwide into non-polluting HHO water-based power plants.

Additionally, the company is currently focusing on 4-5 projects, amounting to nearly $6 billion, of which one is the WPP cryptocurrency exchange platform. The WPP Exchange platform focuses on crypto-to-crypto trading of energy & crypto mining of cryptocurrencies and digital tokens. In other words, the WPP crypto exchange is developed to aggregate multiple green energy cryptocurrencies in one single marketplace.  It will eventually lead to increased liquidity for all investors participating in the cryptocurrencies by enabling multiple currencies to trade against one another. As per the reports, minimum 20 various energy related cryptocurrencies can be traded in the WPP exchange platform. 

“WPP Token has all the potential to be the #1 token in the energy marketplace and also shows promise to become one of the top cryptocurrencies globally. Developed by a global leader in renewable energy, the new revolutionary token is also backed by $billions in projects. If you are looking for a powerful crypto platform for investment, count on WPP Token”, stated Mr. Ifergan.

WPP Tokens can be used as a viable payment method for all energy transactions:

  • Buy & sell on Global Green Energy platform which is developed by WPP Energy as a wholesale platform for connecting energy buyers & sellers around the world at below wholesale prices.
  • As a powerful payment method for physical energy solutions like machinery, equipments etc. that are sold globally by WPP Energy.
  • To pay utility bills.

“One of the best parts about using WPP Token as a payment method is its assurance of lowest possible processing costs given its blockchain base that eliminates price mark-ups & monopoly imposed by middlemen. Moreover, the token deploys smart contracts to ensure automated tracking of big range of transactions globally –whilst avoiding any attempted blocking or disruption. Put simply, the WPP token is going to disrupt how energy is bought & sold and for better. The great part is it will facilitate an ideal environment where consumers will have to rely less on utility companies and have access to power at a much reduced cost.”

For more information, please visit https://wppenergy.io.

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