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The Currency Analytics News Platform, with help from XinFin Blockchain, continues in its war against Fake News

July 24, 2020 Off By Ayobami Abiola

The Currency Analytics news platform has been keen on presenting news updates covering the cryptocurrency ecosystem, and more recently, it has covered lots of news regarding projects. The reason behind this, as stated by Sydney Ifergan in a video chat with CryptoMentor99 a few months ago, was to help crypto investors get the right information. According to him, people lose a lot of money when they follow false information or opinions that are painted as facts.

Shilling should have boundaries

It is good to shill coins because one believe in them, but it should have boundaries especially when one is not a financial advisor. There should be a clear cut distinction between an opinion and what really happened. This is what The Currency Analytics TCA does, we present news as they are and opinions are clear cut with words from professionals who know a lot about blockchain technology.

TCAT, Xinfin Blockchain,, and Sydney Ifergan

The TCA token- TCAT was built by developers from Xinfin using the easy tool from TCAT token is proudly one of the first tokens to be built on the MyContract token creation platform. TCA has since then supported Xinfin blockchain by providing news and information from the team members and happenings around the blockchain. Thus, it showcases the beauty, potential, and use cases of XinFin. Sydney Ifergan, the founder of The Currency Analytics is also an advisor for XinFin Blockchain.

Can one say that The Currency Analytics is the resident News platform of XinFin Blockchain?

A Symbol and an Emblem

The token is a symbol of support for the war against fake news and the course TCA follows to date. TCA never conducted an ICO so, it has been a vision that was born out of passion and run by passion. Projects can pay in TCAT to have their PRs on the TCA news website. Any project willing to take advantage of the platform’s influence via PRs can easily contact Sydney Ifergan.

One other major use case of TCAT token is in embryo- this is an algorithm that allows readers to stake and earn on news snippets on the website. This will help readers to easily identify the trending news while eradicating fake news.

The Currency Analytics will continue to hold its stand against fake news as each member of the team continues to work to establish the truth and show the world the beauty of blockchain technology.

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