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425 out of 615 Current Ethereum Classic (ETC) Nodes will not Upgrade in Future

July 27, 2020 Off By Maheen Hernandez

ETC Labs recently announced Cohort III by @Venture_This and clarified that this is done with a focus on the ETC blockchain for impact and startups which support social, and economic issues. Further stating that they commit to supporting the 50% female founders and proudly introducing #Pngme, #Prescrypto, and #OpenRelay!

Also, Ethereum Classic (ETC) tweeted:  We highly recommend all OE node operators to switch to the latest Hyperledger Besu ETC release. @Hyperledger Besu v1.5 Now Available • Major performance improvements • 33% TPS increase • Greater usability and privacy.”  

Coindesk recently published about how Open Ethereum have decided to stop their support for the Ethereum Classic client in order to focus on their other projects.  Further stated that they have concerns about the immutability of ETC.  Also, the matter of concern is that the Multi-Geth client is not set to support the future network for similar reasons.

This means that 425 out of 615 current Ethereum Classic nodes would not upgrade in the future while developers make changes through hard forks. The node operators have the possibility to switch to other clients mentionted on the ETC website.

Thus Besu will have only three nodes and the Core Geth and 187 will be supporting if a hard fork will occur. OpenEthereum are trying to conserve developer energy for Parity-Ethereum.

Martin Köppelmann, Gnosis Founder reportedly is said to have told “Gnosis did not have the capacity or the willingness to get involved into the governance (aka “drama”) of other chains.”  He clarified stating that they tried to explore different options to work ETC but stated that they feel they want to focus on Ethereum.

In response, Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “It just feels very complicated to iron out the differences between ETC and ETH.  It pops up in one form or the other. Interoperability challenge relates to smallness of minds.”

Ethereum Classic (ETC) Improving Capabilities of Bitcoin  

The decreasing numbers of nodes needs to be fixed.  Perhaps some blockchain divorces are irrevocable! The competition is brewing and hopefully ETC will become scalable than ETH fast.  This is in a way good and bad for ETC.

At this right we need to wonder if there is a real hope for long-term interoperability between the chains.  Anyway it is good about major performance improvements, 33% TPS increase, and greater usability and privacy in Besu 1.5 which is now available. So, Ethereum was originally created to continue the capabilities of Bitcoin and now ETC will torch bear the mission. Too many different kinds of block chains improving on the capabilities of ETC.

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