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Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Idea That Works Every Time the Propaganda is made in Blockchain Space

July 28, 2020 Off By dan saada

Bitcoin ABC stated that they are trying to support the key features of digital cash including massive on-chain scaling, reliable payment experience, instant payments without consensus rule change, fungibility like Cash Shuffle and Cash Fusion. They are continuing to build their campaign for building Bitcoin Cash.

In response Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “With Bitcoin Cash (BCH) though some feel it is not decentralized development, they simply keep growing.”

On Bitcoin Cash, the GrasbergDAA are aiming to solve 3 main problems which are existing right now like more consistent block production, ensure close to optimal profitability for steady miners, ensure emission of coins follows predictable schedule.

Developmental activities apart, Roger Ver expressed that the most common form of robbery is inflation.

However, there was a smarter opinion which read, the second most common form of robbery is the attempt to convince people bch is Bitcoin.  There are other forms referred to like taxation and more.  No matter what there are all sorts of reasons to keep the Altcoins alive in one form or other in the cryptocurrency space.

And some of them also pointed to how tricky it was to lure people in to buying BCH when they actually think they are buying BTC.

If all of these are true there is no sure fire guarantee on whether we can really control the crypto space as it is decentralized already.  If banks are the legal thieves then what about an unregulated space that calls itself decentralized. Stealing value!

And the propaganda continues to be like those who need cryptocurrency the most, prefer bitcoin that works as cash. Bitcoin cash.  And this idea continues to work every time. Spellings don’t like.  Abbreviations don’t lie, but perceptions and assumptions mislead.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Bullish Potential

Reportedly, Bitcoin Cash appears to be ready to break out; however, there has been an increase in the Bitcoin prices over the weekend. Some billionaires reportedly are prospecting to see a lot of Bitcoin Cash flow into the DeFi space.

Meanwhile preparations are happening for the Bitcoin Cash City Conference and several signups are happening every day. Myriad of network improvements are continuing. Bitcoin Cash transactions are becoming an everyday thing.

Those who were saying they do not like BCH are able to look at the bullish potential probably triggered by its utility in restaurants, bars and even groceries.