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7-year-old Futuristic Vision Expressed in The Dawn of Shelley in TEDX Extract by Charles Hoskinson for Cardano (ADA)

July 30, 2020 Off By dan saada

Looking at “The Dawn of Shelley” a short video on published by “ADA North Pool” one of the commentators known by screen name ADA4Profit exclaimed, “Thanks for putting this video together. Well done. “Where were you when Cardano Shelley was released?”

It takes someone who had lot of hope and trust in the project to have brought out this video out of the Archives to impliedly stand as a testimony for how walking the talk matters and on how some visions take long enough to become a reality.

The good thing is that the video sums up the goal beautifully and they have made it real now!

In this regard, Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “The TEDx Sounds like real “Proof of Work” “Proof of Concept” leading to “Proof of Stakes for Cardano (ADA). Charles Hoskinson was very clear about where he was heading too.”

7-year-old Shelly Talk By Charles Hoskinson on TEDx and more

Further Sydney Ifergan, also tweeted:  “The Dawn of the Shelley Era, truly expresses the Charisma of a Historic Figure that is showing up through different times in Charles Hoskinson kind of leadership.  Good luck from TCAT.”

One thing I do know is that the future is going to be decentralized.

Cardano provides the necessary bridge that isn’t centralized, isn’t fragile, rather it is a large decentralized network, and it really assures a great new era of interoperability.

Power to push to the edges, and there it lies a lot of social good that we can do.

You see, I believe a lot in decentralization. The point of this event is to celebrate us becoming a truly decentralized project.

The fact that if we get it right, we can build an operating system that the world can use to do things differently. To vote differently, to have concepts of property rights, to have different types of jobs, to be able to work in a global market place, and most importantly, the least amongst us will have access to the same system that the richest and the most powerful amongst us do.

The goal of this project is to force a fundamental reevaluation of how civilization should work, and ask ourselves as we exit the 21st century, did we do better than the way the worked when we entered it.

I also like to thank the stake pool operators who tirelessly over the last few months worked with our team to help us get to this day. They tested a lot of software. They found a lot of bugs. They really pushed us and we are better for it.

Cardano will be in the hands of hundreds and eventually thousands and eventually tens of thousands of stake pool operators, and every single person who holds ADA will have a voice. And, be able to influence the system and decide the stewardship of the system.

That when you give people power, and when you give people opportunity, and you give people the ability to decide for themselves, they won’t squander it rather ultimately, over the long run, except for some mistakes along the way that they will rise to the occasion.