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Time to Follow TRON (TRX) for DeFi Activities Stay Tuned to August 17, 2020 and the TRON Blockchain Oracle

August 3, 2020 Off By Steven Anderson

Justin Sun is focusing energetically to dominate the DeFi industry.  Smart contracts getting triggered on the TRON network are ready to touch 1 billion very soon.

Justin Sun, CEO of TRON seems to be doing anything and all possible to knock the doors of every prospective user for the app to letting know they exist.  Users who get to know the Dapps tend to have a reason to use them.  The Dapps are at the visibility of billions of users and they do all it takes to improve on their visibility.

Dapp Radar have to state that about five out of ten in the most used DApps are on the TRON Network. And also that the top 50 of the DApps ranked in DAppRadar also to be located on the TRON Network.

Since they have their focus set on DeFi, it is time we begin focusing on their activities in the DeFi sector.

It is now time to watch the happenings in Ethereum based DeFi platforms like Synthetix, Compound (COMP), MakerDAO (MKR) and Aave (LEND) – Versus – Just (JST). 

Competition is underway and the work is in progress.  The TRON version of Uniswap is expected this month based on past announcements. TRON activity level is experiencing local peaks and dips. And those who bought the corona crash triggered dip have already profited.

Will TRON (TRX) Gobble ETH DeFi Space

TRON was seen in the dips for some time; however, the spikes in TRX’s price seen in technical indicators with widening Bollinger Bands is indicative of  price volatility and the RSI also is moving towards an overbought zone.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “TRON (TRX) is clearly working to grab the Ethereum DeFi throne. New competitor like Cardano are also making it to the market, making the show more interesting.”

Ethereum has the advantage of being the first mover; however, TRON are sharpening and improving their infrastructure to eat in to the Ethereum’s dominance.

For now, the majority funds in DeFi is with ETH, we need to wait to see if TRON are going to build their own empire from new investors or if they are going to give brighter reasons for investors to flock to TRON Foundation based JUST.

Network effects is crucial for DeFi growth. And TRON are Strategizing to get their place and mark in the DeFi Space which they well know will be the future.

We need to see the progress of Just DeFi Exchange and how their yield farming will unfold in August. The Official Blockchain Oracle from TRON is in the waits.

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