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Ethereum (ETH) New Stuff Brewing on ETH2 Medalla Testnet Cryptography Great Explainers EDCON

August 9, 2020 Off By Maheen Hernandez

The expectations for the biggest news from the Ethereum Network never ends.

In this regard, Ethereum retweeted:  The latest What’s New in Eth2 is ready for y’all! Medalla testnet, Cryptography, Great explainers, EDCON And so much more!”

On August 08, 2020, Ben Edgington have expressed the newest happenings in ETH.  The Top Picks that he has covered this week are from the Latest eth2 quick update from Danny Ryan, which is about Medalla launch preview, and attacknet news – bounties increased to $15k.

The launch of Medalla comes with its own set of excitement as the specifications are the same as that for the planned Mainnet. Also, this is set to be the “last big testnet” before the launch of Beacon Chain.

The details of how the genesis event took place are covered.  The updates provides a quick reminder of some useful tools to get running on Medalla like the Launchpad, Eth2stats,, POPS, and ethstaker Discord.

Reportedly, in parallel to Medalla, the Ethereum Foundation are continuing to run the attacknets.  While covering for other ETH news stated that, “Monday looks like Eth2 day, with talks from, Vitalik, Danny, Hsiao-Wei, Aditya, Afri, Paul Hauner from Sigma Prime, Terence from Prysmatic Labs.”

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “Big names in the Ethereum Network are continually discussing and working to push the ETH to the next level.”

Ethereum and Coca Cola Bottling Supply Chain

Coca Cola is a well-known industrial name and the good news is they are using Ethereum for their supply chain.

Alex.eth tweeted:  “Wow! @CocaCola NA is using public #Ethereum with their bottling suppliers! First results expected Q4 2020. Baseline Protocol will streamline the ability of internal bottlers-suppliers to provide products to the bottling network, & also external suppliers.”

Among the main releases, ZoKrates have released a toolbox.  ZoKrates are ZkSnarks on Ethereum made easy.

ZoKrates when talking about the release of their toolbox stated, that the major highlights are Unsigned integer types, native verification, a javascript library for node and the browser, and several others.

When covering for what Vitalik Buterin had to say about stuff relating to Ethereum, he has recently highlighted the importance of EIP-1559 to Ethereum Supply; he has covered for how future lotteries might benefit from ETH 2.0 randomness; he has also covered for the bad sides of Ethereum 2.0; Further warned about how high fees will threaten Ethereum’s security.

Concerning the Ethereum price investors are wondering if the price of Ethereum will touch $400. Early in the past week, the price touched $408.  There was high volatility and the ETH as an asset has been encouraging for profit makers.