London School of Economics launches its new Cryptocurrency Course

London School of Economics launches its new Cryptocurrency Course

July 11, 2018 Off By Steven Anderson

The London School of Economics has launched its new cryptocurrency course. As one of the prominent academic institutions, the university now offers a course on cryptocurrency. In a recent report, the LSE has launched a new online course entitled, “Cryptocurrency Investment and Disruption.”

The said course is available for all the interested students who want to study cryptocurrency. According to the University, to be a certified crypto graduate, the student needs to finish the required number of hours of learning for just £1,800. Together with other institutions in the world that embraces cryptocurrency as the new trend courses, London School of Economics now unveils its cryptocurrency course.

The growing list of institutions offering crypto courses such as Georgetown, Stanford, Northwestern, and Cambridge are soon expected to increase according to crypto enthusiasts.  The new crypto course offered by LSE is accessible to all students for there are no strict requirements, and the cost of the course is very reasonable.

According to the University, the said crypto course will start on the 14th of August and expected to take six months to complete the course. All interested applicants need to comply with the seven to ten hours every week to finish the course and earn the certificate. As a new trendy course, Cryptocurrency Investment and Disruption course are certified by the United Kingdom CPD Certification Service.

The London School of Economics also explained the scope of the new course and the rationale behind the course. In line with the University’s dream of understanding the causes of things, the new course provides students with all the concept and theoretical thought in the world of cryptocurrency. The online certificate course is also expected to offer practical investment skills and the procedure on how to deal with all the cryptocurrency exchanges.

LSE also highlighted the goal of the new crypto course in molding the new students to embrace the crypto investments, how to assess the analytics of ICO and on how to use crypto wallets. It is also anticipated that students will discover how the digital cryptocurrencies will change the future of money, industries and the cryptocurrency markets.

The Cryptocurrency Investment and Disruption course will also provide frameworks, knowledge, and information about cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain technology. The institution also added that student would learn the business operation and economy and understand how cryptocurrency investment happens. Interested students are therefore advised to inquire to the London School of Economics.


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