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Bitcoin Cash Community Waiting to See BCH Scale Really Good on the Simple Ledger Protocol

August 15, 2020 Off By Maheen Hernandez

Roger Ver expressed that Bitcoin Cash is the easiest platform in the world to make digital dollar.

Every day, new people are creating a wallet to start off with Bitcoin Cash.  There are too many cryptocurrencies these days.  Some of them have to express that BCH may be perfect, but the world could have many kinds of cryptocurrencies. They have different characteristics and are suitable for different payment situations.

Improving value and technology to further compete in the business of finance, commerce, and online services will come with improved investment funds and capitalization.

A quantitative and qualitative leap for BCH is what is needed to soon change the way the BCH might work in the various sectors of the blockchain industry.  There should also be an astronomical increase in the new services which will increase the price of BCH, which means there should be merchant adoption.  We need to wait to see BCH scale really good.

In this regard, Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has incredible potential, people are yet to understand, particularly on how it can be used for everyday things.”

BCH is one of the easiest platform which has not yet gained due recognition considering its potential.  More of people should be using it.      

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Roger Ver on Anyone can make a Digital Dollar

Roger Ver in his YouTube Channel stated, “Yes, anyone! Producing a unique and secure digital dollar is a quick, easy and very affordable process on the Bitcoin Cash SLP (Simple Ledger Protocol).”

Just like any other good thing, there are haters for BCH too and there are those who foresee that BCH will vanish.  In response to naysayers one of them use uses BCH has to state, “For those who don’t like BCH, great, leave, don’t buy it.  So I can buy more and more. I find it useful.  If you don’t, don’t use it. That’s like going to the theater and saying you hate opera.  Good on you. Go “service” your true leaders and bankers.”

There are of course users who are concerned that the exchange rate for BCH should improve.  We know it from a user who stated, “BCH is a great product that no one uses.  It is a pity that the team does not care about the growth of the exchange rate = (If Bitcoin cash grew in price, people in Europe would like to buy it.  Our banks in Germany are dying, Europe needs a product like Bitcoin cash.”

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