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Digibyte Community Working Hard To Reach Their True Potential and to Make DGB the People Thing

August 15, 2020 Off By Steven Anderson

Digibyte are about believing in the power of tech, the power of the community, the real world use, low fees, and very distributed blockchain. And, they go with projects which support their purpose and beliefs.

Digibyte Comics, the official Twitter page of Digibyte Comics, focuses on helping people discover DigiByte through the power of visual storytelling and humor.  They have been recently talking about different languages for the DigiByte Comics Manga.

They are trying to cover for a range of languages.  So far, they have covered for Portuguese, English, Spanish, Dutch, and Filipino.  They are looking for translators to join by October 15; and, to get paid in DGB.  They are looking to add more languages.

DigiBee are the support network which further strengthen the DGB foundation. Digibyte Foundation are doing all it takes to further the form and to shape the future of DigiByte and they also look to secure the decentralized nature, thus preserving – for the people and by the people ideal.

In this regard, Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “Digibyte Foundation Digibee donors claim to keep DigiByte the sweetest, most tasteful project.”

Digibyte (DGB) and the Everyday People

To make mass adoption possible, whether for DigiByte or any other cryptocurrency, it is important for everyday people to be able to understand the cryptocurrency mechanism and on how it works.

Not everyone are investors, but everyday people are those who need a good store of value for their everyday transactions.  And, they do not spend a lot of time to understand novel stuff unless it is too impressive.  Liquidity is crucial for everyday spending. 

Price predication and the value getting bullish and bearish is of little concern to those who are looking to use crypto for everyday thing.  Many people do not know how they are getting exploited by the financial systems and they do not know that there could be a better alternative.

The idea of significant price increase and decrease will have nothing to do with the unstable markets.  Normal people do not understand parabolic and they don’t have time for wild guess about price rise. They are okay with anything that makes buying and transacting value easy for them.  There are many who still do not understand gold and oil and they have not moved beyond the idea of spending their paychecks!

However, what everyone will understand is that they will need an alternative source of income, and everyone will be probably okay with any crypto that provides them with that source. If DGB will make it possible, they will like it and use it.

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