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Digibyte (DGB) Will Continue to Run After 2035 Here for True Decentralization

August 31, 2020 Off By Maheen Hernandez

People need to learn how a particular crypto was issued. Owning a crypto is more than just needing it. DGB is the most promising crypto out there. DGB are continuing to promote adoption to more people.  And holding is the key making a sensible investment. 

Jared Tate expressed, “Many people in crypto still don’t understand they are chasing artificially inflated #blockchain market caps in top 100 w/ most projects being heavily premined/ preissued & held by a handful of insiders. #DigiByte is far more fairly distributed & launched than 99% of projects.”

The price for now is low according to some investors, but in the long run with due persistence, there are all practical reasons for the price to go up.  DGB is set to be huge very soon and it has lot of good potential.

Jared Tate remembered a bit early that On Jan 10th, 2021 #DigiByte will turn 7 years old. Roughly 2/3 of the max 21 Billion $DGB will have been mined in 1/3 of its reward lifespan. Aka DigiByte is only getting more and more, hard to come by.

When someone asked when DGB will get listed in Coinbase, Jared Tate replied, “I have absolutely no idea about anything @coinbase related other than they provide a great platform. They are free to list #DigiByte anytime the wish.”

Digibyte (DGB) will Continue to Run after 2035

When someone asked, what happens after 2036? Will the price be affected only by the adoption of the coin by then, what about RenDGB? The Digibyte Awareness Team replied, The DigiByte blockchain will continue to run after 2035.

Sydney Ifergan, the Crypto Expert tweeted:  “Digibyte (DGB) is here to stay for their true decentralization. Adoption is going to be smooth with more people giving real-time testimonies of how they are comfortable transacting in DGB.”

One of the community members stated, “Naturally in all these years of crypto, I have sent and received hundreds of different coins. There are however only three coins I never had any issues with, while the whole sending/receiving process was always both rapid and smooth – these three coins are $LTC, $DGB and $DOGE.”

While all of these excitements were happening the community, a cynical comment or perhaps a warning read:  And all of them will be worthless, once the World Bank starts their own currency. I fear that this whole crypto-mania was just a test run.

Then will be the time when there will be a war between decentralized cryptocurrency and centralized cryptocurrency.

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