4th generation Klever wallet app launched for iOS and Android, as TCAT token is added to the wallet

August 31, 2020 Off By Sydney Ifergan

New advanced Klever wallet app promises improved user experience, backed by superior security.

Newly launched 4th generation Klever wallet app has added support for Ethereum-based TCAT (The Currency Analytics Token) token in their listings of tokens. The development brings a phenomenal news for TCAT users as Klever stands out with a series of groundbreaking features and state-of-the-art security to ensure an extraordinary experience for users.

A breakthrough initiative by the team behind TronWallet, Klever app is one of the latest buzzwords in the current crypto industry. The 4th generation crypto wallet has been developed on the new advanced Klever OS technology and is bustling with a bunch of advanced features, improvements and upgrades. The app is now available for download on both Android and iOS

“We are excited to have our token, TCAT, been approved for listing in the revolutionary Klever wallet app this month. The 4th generation crypto wallet boasts an expanded and more advanced wallet compared to other crypto wallets around in respect to all aspects, including features, use cases, services, reliability, speed and also underlying technology. We are glad that our valued TCAT users will be able to explore such a state-of-the-art experience with TCAT’s listing in Klever. It’s certainly a huge honor for us to have our token approved by such a phenomenal team like Klever”, stated Sydney Ifergan, leading crypto expert and founder of The Currency Analytics and TCAT.

The groundbreaking Klever OS is backed by superior security mechanisms for optimum protection of users’ private keys. Also, to ensure ironclad security, Klever carries military-grade encryption and exposes sensitive data and private keys on the user’s specific device only.
“With Klever, we have the peace of mind knowing our TCAT users are in the safest of hands.”

TCAT was launched with the mission to fund ethical journalism in the crypto space to free crypto from fake and misleading news floating around. The token is based on a new innovative protocol called REAL that stands for-

  • Real news by professional journalists only
  • Ethical news reports
  • Attributive news where every fact is pre-checked
  • Lasting news that can make solid contributions to the crypto space

“We are pleased to have listed TCAT in our wallet and we are looking forward to continued collaboration with the team. We believe in the mission of TCAT to rid the blockchain space of fake crypto media”, added a spokesperson from Klever.

For more info about Klever visit: https://klever.io/

For more info about The TCAT token visit: https://thecurrencyanalytics.com