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Digibyte Named in Line with Gold and Bitcoin by Aeon Schmidt in his Book Title and 136 times more In Content

September 5, 2020 Off By Steven Anderson

The LunarCRUSH Cryptobot usually publishes about the health of a coin based on social and market metrics.  They have marked DigitByte 77/100.

Rudy Bouwman recently pointed to a book titled “Build Your Own Bank For 2020 and Beyond With Silver, Gold, Bitcoin, Litecoin & DigiByte” by Aeon Schmidt.

He pointed to how they have a complete chapter that is dedicated to DigiByte and on how they have mentioned 136 times about DigiByte.

Rudy Bouwman expressed his happiness as this book recognized the value of Digibyte.

DigiByte Awareness Team tweeted about how it is good to check out the awesome DigiByte coins! Further stated that these beautiful collectors are supplied by @CryptoBantam and partners @theCryptoHut to raise funds for the work of the DigiByte Awareness Team. Limited to 100. Get yours today and support DigiByte! from DigiByte!

James Enajite expressed that it is time to change the dynamics of the payment system in Nigeria by making use of DigiByteCoin.

The DigiByte Awareness Nigeria Calabar Tour is about the topic of Digital Payment System powered by speakers James Enajite and Patrick NDIFON.

Several Nigerian Community members feel that this is happening at the right time and they feel there is lot of progress in 2020 with for their place.

One of the commentators stated, “Nigeria seems to be way ahead of other African countries when it comes to blockchain technology and technology in general. A lot of smart people in your country.”

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert, “Decentralization at its best with Digibyte.  Things left to the community and each of them are regionally doing their best for the Network.”

Digibyte (DGB) Never Boring

The 1.5 hour has been commendable and community members expressed that this is an insanely great job.  The community members are excited because they know that DGB is not a pump and dump coin. 

Digibyte recently expressed their excitement in a tweet:  “Great 1,5 hour meeting with Andrea Servida @ServidaAndrea (Head of Unit Knowledgement & Innovative Systems, European Commision) & @ANTUMID about authentication, #DigiPassword, #DigiTrust and #SoyyoID, to be launched by the cooperating parties AntumID, #DigiByte & Softtech.”

Looking at the streaming quality of work done by the DGB community the DGB ecosystem is never boring.  There is an exciting thing happening every time. When one of them asked when DeFi yet another member stated that DGB is already decentralized finance. Many are already proud of anything DigiByte.

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