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SiaCoin (SC) Thrilled About the $3m Funding Round Led By Paradigm

September 23, 2020 Off By Maheen Hernandez

Nebulous is the company which has made possible Sia Decentralized cloud storage platform and the Skynet application hosting platform. They have recently announced that they are closing the $3M funding round, led by Paradigm.  The funding round helps the company to scale and to accelerate the development and adoption of Skynet.

Sia tweeted:  “We are thrilled to announce a $3M funding round led by paradigm with participation from a powerhouse group of investors!”

Monopoly in the internet has put lot of user data under the control of those whom we do not want to control them.  Skynet provides for high speed, low cost, and superior network infrastructure to provide for a free internet.  User-controlled, censorship-resistant, and unfragmented data is the need of the day.

Developers will be able to deploy apps on the decentralized network facilitated by Skynet.  End-users will be able to enjoy Skynet without having to run full nodes or having to deal with cryptocurrencies.  The full potential of a free internet can be realized in the decentralized web. 

The official press release talks more about the Paradigm.

David Vorick stated that he was Excited to buckle up with @paradigm for the birth of Skynet and the next phase of our company.

David also expressed that On Skynet, you can pin your applications, ensuring that you have access to them even after the developers disappear. And, also Not your app store, not your application.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “3,000,000 USD investment is truly a desirable Prototype from paradigm in the adoption of SiaCoin (SC). Funding is important to keep skill alive and motivated in the blockchain space.”

SiaCoin (SC) SkyLive

Recently there was a guest post about SkyLive, which is the first live streaming app that was built on the Skynet. The blog post recalls on how they did not even know that live streaming on Skynet might be possible.  It has been mentioned that Hackathons are an incredible opportunity to build on the next wave of technology.

Getting SkyLive happed after lot of problems were solved ranging from “you can’t stream continuously on Skynet as you can’t upload an in-progress video file. You need to finish the file, upload it, and then you can send it to your friends. You also can’t change the uploaded file, because the URL of the file is generated from the file itself. This means when you change the file, the URL will also change, resulting in a completely new file on Skynet.”

Today, SkyLive continues to improving with Skynet.

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