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IOTA on the Theoritical Side of Mana and Delegated Access on the Blockchain Technology

September 28, 2020 Off By dan saada

IOTA believes in that it is important for them to succeed by bringing their technology closer to their community.  They have taken the efforts to share the details of the Theoritical side of Mana.

IOTA 2.0 talks very frequently of Mana.  It is important for users to understand its implementation and for those who do not know to get to know of Mana.  Mana is a very important Coordicide component.  

The IOTA blog clarifies that the basic requirement of every DLT is to have Sybil protection and also congestion control. Mana fulfills these needs. Mana has an influential role to play in across different modules in FPC voting, dRNG, autopeering, and also congestion control.  A high-level view of the implementation of Mana in IOTA 2.0 will help users know better about how they are going to interact with the Mana in the live network.

Sybil protection will prevents the attacker from gaining undue influence over the network by making use of multiple identities. Congestion control will decide who will write to the ledger during the times of congestion. Any DLT should have processes in place to ensure these two as basic requirements.

Mana can be best looked at as a tool who has different roles to play in the network. Mana is separated from the IOTA token, but it is related to IOTA. Anytime a value transaction gets processed, a quantity known as Mana will be “pledged” to a particular node ID. This quantity will be equal to the amount of IOTA which will be moved in the transaction. Thus the mana pledged to each node ID will be stored as an extension of the ledger.

The key to get Mana is to convince a token holder to pledge it; therefore, Mana is a Delegated Proof of Token Ownership. Hence it provides for essential Sybil protection as it is difficult to get Mana in arbitrary amounts.

Mana works like a Sybil Control Mechanism in the Congestion Control algorithm.

The amount of Mana held in a node determines the numbers of messages it can issue with reference to the total network throughput.

The pledging process takes place twice.  Once will be for the modules when they deal with the consensus and for the congestion control. This is to make sure that maximal freedom and security in the network is made possible.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “IOTA facilitates the freedom to allocate access suitable to the economic interests of the users.”

IOTA Mana to Delegate Access

With Mana the token holder will be able to delegate their access without having to delegate any additional “weight” on the consensus process.

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