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Stellar Lumens (XLM) Denelle Dixon Creates Optimistic Views About Blockchain in Minds of Congress

September 30, 2020 Off By dan saada

Denelle Dixon recently wrote on how in the last week, she had the opportunity to go to Capitol Hill (virtually, of course) to join the panel of experts to brief members about the House Financial Services Committee FinTech Task Force regarding blockchain technology and its role in transforming financial services.

Denelle Dixon tweeted:  “I was honored to be invited to brief Members of the House Financial Services Committee FinTech Task Force last week about the uses of blockchain in financial services. Wanted to share my prepared remarks and takeaways with the Stellar ecosystem.”

KMSmithDC tweeted:  “Great to have @BlockchainAssn member @DenelleDixon with @StellarOrg participate in this discussion!”

Denelle Dixon expressed that she loves speaking about the blockchain technology and also speaking to the Congress about how and why it is important.  She stated that by doing this she wanted them to have confidence in the technology, particularly in the Stellar Technology.

She stated that she focused her time in front of the Task Force taking about the role that Stellar and blockchain are playing in in payments and more particularly in global payments and remittances.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted: “Stellar Lumens (XLM) Denelle Dixon was recently able to make a presentation to the regulators and policy makers.  This tiny step will likely count for miles.”

Stellar Lumens (XLM) Creating Efficient Global Payments System

Denelle Dixon stated that the Committee was receptive to what she was expressing.  She also stated that she felt that they were optimistic about the idea of creating an efficient global payments system using blockchain technology.

She also stated that she was able to share some of Stellar’s important use cases in remittances, in order to help understand how Stellar rails are able to connect people across geographies.  She has made a mention of Cowrie in Nigeria and Tempo in Europe. 

She stated that she took the opportunity to emphasize on the importance of regulatory clarity to propel innovation forward.

She has reinstated on the importance of well-informed guidance from the policymakers so that the innovators will be able to build contributing to the long term success of the technology.

The SDF are looking at it like a great step forward.  They are confident that these hearings simply happening is the key to the next step.  Also, these events are taking diverse participants and it is very obvious that the Members of the Congress are ready and willing to engage with these technologies.

Denelle stated that they feel encouraged at the level of engagement they are having and that they believe in a better understanding of the technologies.  They also believe in their power to bring in some positive change to lead them through a thoughtful regulatory decision making.