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IoTeX Presents UCam A Privacy Camera Making use of Blockchain Technology

October 1, 2020 Off By dan saada

IoTeX are about building the internet of trusted things blockchain, IoT, and Privacy.

IoTeX tweeted:  “It’s official — Ucam is now available on @Amazon! Ucam is the first “Powered by IoTeX” device that delivers unparalleled privacy and security. Let’s bring the power of blockchain to the masses!”

IoTeX, is a Silicon Valley-based technology platform meant for privacy-protecting smart devices.  Tenvis Technology Ltd, is a global security camera manufacturer that was founded in 2005.

Both of them together announced the launch of Ucam, which is the world’s first blockchain that is powered with a privacy-protecting home security camera and it is now available for sale on Amazon.


IoTeX have a vision for Internet of Trusted Things.  They have now partnered with Tenvis to co-develop the first-of-its-kind security camera that provides for absolute privacy.

Ucam makes use of blockchain, end-to-end encryption, and edge computing technology to deliver security and privacy which provides the users with the freedom to exclusively own, control, and share the videos which they have captured with their Ucam.

Raullen Chai, IoTeX CEO stated, “Ucam allows parents, caretakers, pet owners, and more to protect their loved ones without ever worrying about being spied on. Only the Ucam owner and authorized users can access your Ucam and your videos — not even our engineers have access under any circumstance. With no strings attached, Ucam users will have peace of mind knowing there is no corporation manipulating or selling their data because all of it is owned by the user.”

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “I see that IoTex have done a great job by bringing UCam, a 100% private consumer product to the mass market.”

UCam is available for a retail price of $50 on Amazon. Of note, Ucam have been awarded the CES Innovation Award 2020 for Cybersecurity & Personal Privacy.

IoTeX UCam Surveillance Using Blockchain

Ucam by using the blockchain technology is able to remove the risk of password hacks by providing end-to-end-encryption, thereby enabling a private live-stream video and recorded clips, which can be shared.

The camera made its debut at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.  It has been in  beta testing with several hundreds of users for nearly a year before it was launched.

IoTeX are thus empowering a borderless ecosystem for smart devices with privacy and data ownership as the major principles. First and the best of its kind.