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Ethereum Classic (ETC) Mess Proposal towards Reducing Confirmation Times without Increasing Risks

October 4, 2020 Off By Maheen Hernandez

ETC Labs have announced MESS proposal, which is a low-risk solution to avoid 51% attacks to further improve security for Proof of Work (PoW) blockchains.  

MESS is structured in a way to prevent 51% attacks, which treats the large block reorgs as suspected in a way making them prohibitively expensive, eventually removing all profit motives. 

The MESS proposal has been created in response to the recent 51% attack as developed by Isaac A.

Also, The ETC Core Protocol Lead and Client Developer in collaboration with OpenRelay and ChainSafe, have been successful in testing.  

On September 28th, 2020,MESS successfully completed “Messnet” testing for simulated attacks.  Also, the Mordor Testnet successfully activated MESS at block 238_000. 

For October 10, 2020, it is estimated that Ethereum Classic Mainnet activation will be scheduled at block 11_380_000. This will be further included as a Core-Geth configuration default for ETC Mainnet from release v1.11.15 and beyond.

Those who want to learn more about MESS should click here.  Also, to see a visualization of an Adhoc testnet implementing Ethereum Classic’s MESS Security Feature click here

Isaac A., ETC Core Protocol Lead and Client Developer stated, “While developing a solution for ETC, it was important to us that it be low or no impact on existing consensus or sealing rules, concise enough to implement and test quickly, but comprehensively, and not likely to cause damage or expose the network to risks that could potentially outweigh its benefits.”

James Wo, Founder and Chairman of ETC Labs stated, “MESS is set to enable exchanges to safely reduce confirmation times and ensure that miners will not lose block rewards; stabilizing the network and allowing it to return to growth.”

Sydney Ifergan, founder at the crypto expert tweeted:  “I see ETC Labs and their team of experts and developers are handling fundamental challenges in the ETC ecosystem fairly smartly.”

ETC Labs are focused on building relevant, accessible, and high-quality technology to use the technology creating communities of value in the mature and regulated ecosystem.

Ethereum Classic (ETC) Core DEV Meeting 14

Recalling the September 26, 2020 ETC Core DEV Meeting #14 core developers, stakeholders, and respective ECIP authors and champions gathered to discuss the details regarding how to move forward considering the six proposals: ECIP-1092 Pirlguard by Dexaran; ECIP-1094 Proof-of-Proof Solution by Veriblock; ECIP-1096 Bitcoin Merged-Mining by Rootstock; ECIP-1097 Checkpointing by IOHK / IOG; ECIP-1099 DAG Growth Epoch Calibration by Luke Williams, and ECIP-1100 Modified Exponential Subjective Scoring by ETC Core.

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