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IOTA Pre-Alpha Smart Contract on Blockchain is released and Further Development is in Progress

October 4, 2020 Off By James

IOTA is hailed to be the platform for scalable, feeless, and flexible smart contracts.  The ISCP is the state-of-art implementation for IOTA Smart Contract Protocol (ISCP).  This is the first of its kind smart contract on the IOTA network providing for scalability, being feeless, and catering to flexible implementation.

IOTA tweeted:  “We’re proud to release IOTA Smart Contracts Pre-Alpha, our platform for scalable, feeless & flexible smart contracts for enterprise applications & real-world use cases.”

The current release provides for three PoC smart contracts, which have been developed by the IOTA foundation in a way to demonstrate the early capabilities on the platform.  They are also providing for a set of tools for developers who will be able to explore the smart contract functionality.

The IOTA smart contract is introduced as a technological development with supporting technical concepts, architecture and properties.

Specific use cases to suit the market potential of the smart contracts and digital assets will be made available soon.

IOTA developers are continuing to develop on the extended functionality and the stability of the software to provide for a fully mature software for production catering to the needs of the market.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “IOTA developers have to state that the smart contract provides for a flexible design and it is fee-less, therefore ideal for enterprise applications for real-world use cases. I see it makes sense.”

Pre-Alpha version of IOTA Smart Contract is now available. With the available set of early building blocks, developers will be able to build out for the full release.

Those who are new to IOTA need to know that IOTA Smart Contracts are a flexible and feeless implementations of smart contract functionality on the distributed, DAG based UTXO ledger.

DonateWithFeedback, TokenRegistry, and FairAuction are the simplest of smart contracts. A few technical tutorials, which provide details of some of the features helping developers to get started by getting tested is available.

IOTA Smart Contracts Future Scope

IOTA Smart Contracts have high-level plan with the future scope for improvement on the Maturation of core protocols; developing on the Goshimmer value Tangle Ledger; core security adjustments for nodes, node owners, and smart contract owners; authentication of API access, client libraries, and security; improvements in built-in contract logic; node and smart contract administration; mapping to multiple languages and lot of other improvements.

The Pre-Alpha work of the IOTA Smart Contract Protocol is the first step in the creation of a large and vibrant ecosystem of decentralized applications on the IOTA network.

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